A Gay Man Was Called A Greedy F****t By His Boss After Asking For His Bonus

He Was Called A Greedy F****t

An Australian gay man was bullied by his coworkers and constantly called homophobic slurs to the point that he went into a deep depression.

Glenn Hall is suing his former workplace after many of his coworkers and employers allegedly bullied him. In the lawsuit, Hall wants to be compensated for the emotional damages his coworkers caused to his psyche and for an unpaid bonus which results to about AU$450,00 or approximately US$345,238.

In the lawsuit, Glenn Hall says that he was constantly called homophobic slurs and had to deal with hateful comments from his coworkers. For instance, he says that when he asked for his entitled bonus he was called a “greedy faggot” by his bosses.

As he told the Herald Sun, “Those two words completely destabilized me, they left me powerless.”’

Glenn Hall also posted on Facebook pictures of the hate he received in company group chats.


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As he told the Herald Sun, Hall fell into depression due to the incessant hatred and negativity that he received at work. It got so bad that he says it derailed his career path.

“The incidents have completely eroded the career path I had spent years working towards,” he said.

“I know I didn’t do anything to deserve it and I try to tell myself that there isn’t something inherently wrong with me, but it’s difficult to believe because I feel like a failure—certainly like I’m less of a person.”

“I feel like I’m living in the past as I am often replaying these moments in my head. It’s torture.”

“Other times I feel defeated, powerless and alone.”

Again, Glenn Hall has filed a lawsuit against his former workplace and hopefully he will get the justice he so rightfully deserves against them.

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