Cameron Dallas Fans Shocked By The Model’s New Look

Cameron Dallas Fans Shocked

Former Vine star and current model and Youtuber Cameron Dallas has surprised fans with his new look (but we say it’s just a publicity stunt).

Cameron Dallas fans shocked themselves when they saw the internet celebrity’s new tattoos on Instagram.

The model had already shook things up with his short hair-cut and his fuzzy beard (he turned from twink to a full-grown twunk in just a couple months).

But really, it’s his new group of tattoos that are shocking people.

Some say that Dallas is looking a lot like Justin Bieber or Aaron Carter, with his slim body covered in tattoos, and many don’t know how to handle it.

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@justinrcampbell @patriciamoraleshair @morgaanp

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sorry mom 💉

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But, before the teen girls and adult gay men grabbed their pitchforks, Dallas was quick to share in another Instagram post that the tattoos are, in fact, fake.

In the post, where he also wished his mother happy birthday, Dallas said:

“Happy birthday to the best mum in the world!! Thank you for putting up with my crazy self… Even when I decide to come home covered in (fake) tats. Took her to get her nails done because it’s the least she deserves!”

So ultimately, those tattoos are probably for some upcoming project (or maybe he just wanted to see what they’d look like).

And on top of that, he’s getting people (like us) to write about him and people (like you) to click on articles talking about him.

Honestly, we just have to say well-played to Cameron Dallas. It’s stuff like this that earned him the title of “internet celeb” in the first place.

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