15 Celebrities That Came Out In 2017

Celebs Who Came Out In 2017

Happy National Coming Out Day!

To celebrate this annual day of people celebrating their sexuality, sexual identities, gender identities, and whatever else, we have a list of some of the noted celebs who came out in 2017 as gay, bisexual, or asexual.

1.  CMT Star Cody Alan

cody alan

American radio presenter and CMT star Cody Alan came out at the start the year back in January.

Alan came out through a heartfelt Instagram post.

Part of the post went:

“And I’m finally comfortable enough for everyone to know this truth about me. As we continue our journey, I hope this news won’t change how you see me. I’m still the same Cody I always was. You just know a little more about me now.”

2. Pro-wrestler Anthony Bowens

anthony Bowel

Anthony Bowens came out as bisexual around the same time in January.

He also came out through Instagram by sharing a picture of him and his and said that he wanted to change “perceptions and break stereotypes,” concerning what it means to be bisexual.

3. World champion pole vaulter Shawn Barber

shawn barber

Another athlete who came out was Olympian Shawn Barber.

Barber came out back in April, this time through Facebook, and said that he was “gay and proud” and thanked his parents for their support.

4. Brandon Flynn of “13 Reasons Why”

Actor Brandon Flynn came out as part of the LGBTI community in September in order to support Australia’s Same-Sex Marriage vote.

On Instagram he wrote (in reference to someone hiring a skywriter to write “vote no”):

“We’ve been scared shitless our whole lives, thanks to all the stigmas that surround us—stigmas that were set in place by the same kind of people who flew that plane over Sydney.

“We’ve fought, we’ve come out bravely even in our fear, and you wrote a message in the sky because you’re scared. Equality takes courage, it worries me that too many people in this world lack the balls to stand up for what is right. #fuckhate”

Then later, photos were taken of him kissing British singer Sam Smith.

5. “Heroes” Star Thomas Dekker

Former “Heroes” star Thomas Dekker shared that he’s gay back in July.

Dekker shared his sexuality in a long Instagram message as a response to an executive trying to out him at Outfest.

6. Hip-hop artist Taylor Bennett


Taylor Bennet, the brother of Chance the Rapper, shared that he’s bisexual on Twitter to celebrate his 21st birthday.

“Growing up I’ve always felt indifferent about my sexuality & being attracted 2 one sex & today I would like to openly come out to my fans.

7. Pop star Greyson Chance


Singer Greyson Chance officially came out in July.

He posted on Instagram that while he knew he was gay age 16, he waited before coming out because he was still ‘trying to find comfort and confidence within my own skin.’

8. Gordon Thompson

Former “Dynasty” star Gordon Thompson came out as gay last month. In an interview with the Daily Beast he expressed that there was a deep need to stay in the closet at the time if you were a leading man.

But now he says, “I’m assuming that people know, and now that I’m my age that’s fine.”

9. Pop star Aaron Carter

aaron carter

Singer Aaron Carter posted in August that he once had a gay relationship when he was growing.

Since then however, he later took on the label of being bisexual. Later, he noted that he wasn’t interested in dating men any more.

That confusion has only be followed up by a very rocky few months of health issues, upcoming album releases, and obvious publicity stunts.

10.  K-Pop star Han-sol

K-Pop star Hansol, formerly of the group ToppDogg, came out as asexual during a livestream on Instagram in August.

The singer had been battling with depression beforehand, but came off as peaceful during the video in which he said, “‘I’m asexual… I just like myself. I’ll probably never get married. I just like my friends and family.’” This makes him a visible representation of LGBTQ people in a country that still struggles with their existence.

Unfortunately, Hansol later announced that he would be leaving the boy band and enlisting in the army (South Korea has a 3-year enlistment requirement for all male citizens).

11.  Retired NFL player Ryan O’Callaghan

Ryan O’Callaghan came out publicly came out as gay in June in an interview with OutSports.

The retired NFL player explained “college football was a great cover for being gay.” Playing the sport had been his “beard.”

That said, his abuse of painkillers caused him to eventually face and accept his sexuality.

12. Daniel Newman of “Walking Dead”

daniel newman

Daniel Newman, a cast member of “The Walking Dead” came out as bisexual in March.

Newman, like the others before him, came out through social media, this time Twitter, and shared that he’s “#OUTAndProud #LGBT.”

13.  Flash actor Keiynan Lonsdale

Keiynan Lonsdale

25-year-old Lonsdale came out as bisexual through Instagram.

In his post, he said: ‘I like to change my hair, I like to take risks with how I dress. I like girls, & I like guys.’

14. Younger actor Dan Amboyer

dan amboyer

Actor Dan Amboyer just recently came out while talking to People Magazine. In addition, he also got married and shared some photos on Instagram.

He very recently came out as gay and happily married!

15.  Retired professional racing driver Danny Watts

danny watts gay

Lastly, professional racing driver Danny Watts came out as gay after retiring.

Despite being married and having a kid, he told to GayStarNew: “All the other guys in the paddock had girlfriends so I got one to blend in.”

“When that relationship ended, I got another one. So I continued pretending to be straight for 17 years.”

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