I’m Dreaming About Huge Peens Chasing Me Through a Forest!

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Dreams about huge penises

I’ve been having this crazy dream where I’m lost in this forest. Suddenly, a group of huge penises appear from nowhere and circle me. They have angry faces, too!

Once I start running, they begin chasing me. I always wake up as I cross a misty bridge. It’s so messed up because I like men who are large.  

Do you know why I keep having this dream?


Dr. John Responds

This is the type of dream that appears to contain an obvious message. In truth, there’s a lot going on. That’s because when we sleep, our subconscious mind presents symbols to us that can be confusing.

Let’s decipher some of the imagery you are seeing to better understand what may be happening.

You mentioned in your recurring dream that you are lost in a forest. Typically, “forest dreams” represent fear. That emotion seems pretty evident from what you described.

But there is more happening because your dream contains male anatomy. Several giant ones in fact.

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Throughout much of our recorded history, a man’s penis has symbolized masculinity and virility. In “dream speak”, there is a similar meaning as well.

But male genitalia can also represent power and control.

I’m wondering if there is someone you’ve recently come into contact with that makes you feel powerless? For example, a romantic interest or a crush?



You also mentioned that as part of this dream, the penises are chasing you. It makes me want to know if there is a part of you that’s insecure about your own size?

If so, did someone say something to activate these concerns? Have you met someone who makes you feel inadequate?

In my experience, dreams about enormous anatomy usually speak to a wish fulfillment scenario. On the surface, this makes sense because you shared you’ve always liked larger.

But I’m doubtful that’s what your dream is really about.

I say this because you talked about crossing a “misty bridge” and suddenly waking up. That bridge may be a metaphor for issues you thought you had worked through.  Traumas from the past.

When you search your feelings, does this seem plausible? Chasing dreams often symbolize deeply held fears and even shame.

Are you feeling shamed by anyone?

You never mentioned how long these dreams have been happening? For example, did you just start experiencing them over the past few weeks? If so, look for someone who recently entered your life who you perceive as overbearing or dominant.

Who might that be? Do you feel like you are running to hide from this person? If so, why?

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If this dream has going on for years, it may be helpful to reflect back to your childhood. Were you bullied as a kid? Did someone question your masculinity or sexual orientation?

Should your answer be “yes” – who was it? Was the issue ever addressed?

Here is the good news. Your dreaming mind is telling you that something is going on that makes you feel uncomfortable. Pay attention to this.

While the images you described sound scary, try to look past them and focus on your feelings. It may be helpful to journal about your dream content as a pathway to catharsis.

One thing you may also want to consider is lucid dreaming. That’s basically a situation where you are “awake” in your dream and able to interact with others and the environment.

If you can do this, I encourage you to confront the group that’s chasing you and ask: Who are you?

You might be surprised at the answer!

Dr. John is a licensed psychotherapist and contributor to GPB. He specializes in men’s issues. Visit his profile to learn more.

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