Say ‘Hello Again’ to Cheyenne Jackson’s Amazing Bum

Cheyenne Jackson shows off his assets and engages in quite a lot of gay sex in “Hello Again”

Cheyenne Jackson had been keeping us hooked and wet at the same time on American Horror Story: Hotel. Now the truly ageless forty-two-year-old openly gay actor is back to putting his assets to good use by getting pounded like there’s no tomorrow in the musical “Hello Again”!

Jackson’s character Will Drake on AHS: Hotel definitely wasn’t shy about his homosexuality, and now that Jackson’s only other nude performance shines bright through yet another gay character, he’s become the gay actor to watch out for. Jackson plays Robert who is seduced by Pretty Little Liar‘s Tyler Blackburn. But also falls into bed with women too.

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The story of “Hello Again” is set in New York City where 10 lost souls are in search of their soulmates. Through the musical, these 10 characters come across people they think they are meant to be with, a string of love affairs are highlighted and as a result, a series of steamy sex scenes form a part of the story. Cheyenne Jackson shows off his assets and engages in quite a lot of gay sex.

Here’s a first look at the sexy musical Hello Again:

And here’s a [NSFW] gif that C&C shared of Cheyenne Jackson getting f*cked hard.

Even though we have seen a lot of sexy scenes from Mr. Jackson and a homemade sexy tape [NSFW link] of him jerking off, he claims that filming them is always awkward.

In his Billboard Interview he said “It’s super weird and awkward because in life, it would just be you and that other person. And not 30 other people standing around. You have to let go of your self-consciousness as much as you can. And your vanity. I can’t worry about what my a** looks like in the shot — my ass looks like what it looks like. So let’s just get into character and let’s just kinda really commit to what I’m singing or what I’m thinking about in this scene. In American Horror Story: Hotel, three years ago, I did my first nude scene ever at 40. So, you know, whatever.”

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