Chris Evans in “Gifted” Makes Us Want Him as Our Hot Uncle!

chris evans gifted

If you like Chris Evans, you’ll love him after watching this film

Recently, we decided to stream the movie Gifted starring Chris Evans. All we can say is that after watching the flick, we seriously wish Chris Evans as our hot uncle!

On a serious note, we really liked this movie a lot. Moreover, the movie is probably one of Chris Evan’s best films ever. Now we admit we’re bias when it comes to Evans.

Between his blue eyes and scruffy face, the man kind of grows on you (in more ways than one!).

So for what it’s worth, here’s a quick rundown of the film without giving a way the entire candy store.

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FYI: Speaking of Candy – Mr. Evans in this score is completely sweet, which adds to the movie’s cuteness factor. Warning: you will wish he was your hot uncle by the end!


Chris Evans … Frank Adler

McKenna Grace … Mary Adler

Lindsey Duncan … Evelyn Adler

Jenny Slate … Bonnie Stevenson

Octavia Spencer … Roberta Taylor

Story Line

The essential plot of this story is about a 7-year old girl named McKenna who is extremely gifted. At six months of age, her mother passed away because of suicide (she too was a genius).

This left McKenna’s loner, scruffy faced uncle (Frank Adler) to raise the little girl. He works as a ridiculously hot boat repairman in a Florida coastal town.

Frank, too, is gifted. However, he decides to live his life as a loner because he doesn’t want to be treated different (like his sister was).

But keeping McKenna’s secret proves difficult when she starts attending school. A teacher (Jenny Slate) quickly picks up on her genius. It is then that she brings the issue to the school’s principle (Elizabeth Marvel).

And that’s when all the problems start.

The rest of the film focuses on a tug of war between Uncle Frank and McKenna’s estranged maternal grandmother (Evelyn Adler). Frank wants McKenna to live a normal life and not be treated like a prodigy. The grandmother has different, more nefarious plans.

What we liked

Hands down, the best thing about this movie is the relationship Frank and McKenna share. In every way that matters, Frank assumes the role of “Dad” after his sister passes away.

But we would be remiss if we didn’t say that Chris Evans himself was just amazingly hot. How could he not be when they have him running around unshaven in a t-shirt and jeans, working as a boat mechanic?

The friction between Evan’s character (Frank) and Duncan’s part (Evelyn) is palatable. She’s a controlling type and very nasty. In certain scenes, you’ll even pick up on echoes of Mommy Dearest.

It’s that intense!

The supporting characters, like Octavia Spencer (Roberta Taylor) add to the overall feel of the flick.

What we didn’t like

We can honestly say there wasn’t much we didn’t like about this film. Sure, we would like to have seen Evans with less clothes on but this movie wasn’t focused his body. Instead, it was about the human heart and the capacity to love.

If there was one thing we had to pick as a “didn’t like” it would have been a lack of background information on Frank. There are hints of his genius in the film but the writers apparently decided not to focus on this. Perhaps they wanted to keep the spotlight on McKenna?

Final Thoughts

If you are into movies with a dramatic bent, you are going to dig this film. Should you identify as a Chris Evans fan, you’ll be even more incentivized to see it.

Gifted will tug at your heart while shining a light on “otherness” in new and different ways. While we can only speak for ourselves, we can honestly say that we totally wish Chris Evans was our uncle!

The movie is worth seeing. You can stream on Amazon or on Google Play. We highly recommend.

Woofs: 3.5/4: (half a woof for Chris Evans hotness alone).

By: John and Brian