Chris Hatton Has a Bubble Butt Booty We Can’t Stop Drooling Over!

chris hatton bubble but yum!

Plus, there’s other aspects of the man to chomp on!

Are you into hot guys with yummy bubble butts? How about studly men with curvy buns who are also tatted up? If the answer is yes, you’ve come to the right place!

That’s because we’re gagging on the delicious, yummy, and scrumptious booty of personal trainer and all-around stud, Chris Hatton!

If you are looking for some gym inspiration or simply need a little eye candy, Chris and his fantastic behind has everything you’ll ever need!

The male fitness model who lives in Reading, England is 27 years old. He’s also a personal trainer, according to his public website.

He shares with site visitors that he’s a “cheerful and happy person who loves to meet new people.” Since the age of five years old, Chris has played sports.

That’s no surprise given that he’s a wickedly hot stud!

His main athletic activity was soccer (called football over the pond), which he played until the age of 21. At the age of 18, he started lifting weights at the gym.

“I have always been focused on my goals and ambitions and have stayed committed to myself,” Chris remarks.

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And while his personal URL is cool, it’s his Instagram account that truly provides the stuff of LICK AND YUM! We’re going to share a few photographs here but we encourage you to go through his page to gain the full measure of his hotness.

Yes, we recognize this is a vapid and silly post – but sometimes you need candy to gag on that tastes good. How many boring arse political stories can one read in one day?

Wouldn’t you rather feast on the buns of something delicious while the meal also serves as gym motivation? We think so.

Enjoy – and thanks, Chris Hatton for the yums. WOOF!