We’re Crushing on Olympic Stud Chris Mazdzer – OMG Woof!

Chris Mazdzer Wins First U.S. Medal in Men’s Luge.

We’re so grateful that the 2018 Winter Olympics are right around the corner because a major heat wave of gorgeous men is about to descend upon South Korea to compete.

But how’s the United States doing so far? Well, Chris Mazdzer made history for the U.S. on Sunday giving the Americans their first men’s singles medal by finishing second in 3:10.728.

The man with the dreamy brown eyes and the perfect smile grew up just miles from the U.S. Olympic Training Center in Lake Placid, and often attended events when the sliding track was open to the public. He chose luge over bobsled because the line for luge was much shorter.

You may also remember him from the hot video produced by Cosmopolitan, where he and nine other male Olympians put their athletic physiques, and their flirting skills, on show by stripping down in front of the camera while reciting their best pick-up lines.

Chris was surprisingly very comfortable with the situation.

The luger said: ‘I’m very comfortable with this setting. I lie down for a living.’ He then continued into his pick-up line and said: ‘I took second today, so you could come first’ and gave a nice wink toward the camera before shedding his bodysuit.

But it seemed as though he has a drawer full of pick-up lines as he proceeded to recite another this time saying that he ‘brought his luge’ after asking the camera if ‘you play in the Olympics’.

Enjoy this preview of all the sexiness, and of course, athletic talent from this hot man. FYI – the Winter Olympics will run from February 9 through February 25 in Pyeongchang County, South Korea. There are other hotties too competing, including Gus Kenworthy. Stay tuned for updates here at GPB – we will cover what we can!

Image credit: NBC News

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