Does Chris Pine Have a Thick Mushroom Head?

chris pine

Could you really handle it?

Like everyone on the entire planet, you have probably heard by now that actor Chris Pine (apparently) is showing major sausage in his upcoming film, Outlaw. In the off chance you missed this news, you can catch up quickly by reading this post.

In the past, GPB has written (extensively) about Chris Pine. In fact, some might even say we were obsessed. I mean think about it. Who else would dedicate an entire blog post to assessing the exact size and dimensions of Chris Pine’s manhood?

Given the amount of buzz going around the web about this stud’s yumminess and how it is rumored to be a site for sore eyes, we couldn’t help but wonder the following:

Does Chris Pine have a mushroom head?

chris pine mushroom head?
Chris Pine hiding the mushroom?

Oh, come on, you know you are wondering the same thing! And in case you don’t know what we are talking about, be sure to visit this post that is all about meaty deliciousness.

Now let’s pretend for a moment that indeed, Chris is thicker than a beer can. Let’s also assume that the top of his yumminess is mushroom size. You’ve got to ask yourself as a gay man: Would you be able to handle this?

Seriously, would you? Because when a person gets into massive territory like that, it can cause real problems. If you’ve ever gotten a sore jaw from oral gymnastics, you know exactly what I mean.

And what would you do if he wanted to top you with that monster? Sure, it sounds like fun but OMG, wouldn’t something like that kind of hurt?

As an aside, there is also a rumor going around about Jared Padalecki also having monstrous sized proportions. So much so, according to gossip, the guy has to use duct tape to keep that fella in place!

Chris Pine Bulge Revealed

At any rate, the real point of this post is to fantasize about Chris Pine and the possibility of a (theoretical) thick mushroom head.

Honestly, could you really handle that? Below is a poll you can vote in. If you don’t see it, use this link.