I’m Horribly Addicted To HOT Cigar Smoking Daddies!

cigar daddy

It’s like the smell is hardwired to my nips

Around a year ago, I hooked up with a guy who was smoking a cigar while we played. I won’t go into all of the sticky details except to say that it was one of the hottest experiences of my life.

Before I arrived at his place, Stan gave me a heads up that he was a cigar smoker. When he shared this, the news really wasn’t a big deal. That’s because when I was growing up, a lot of the older men in my life (dad, grandpa) smoked coronas.

Here’s what I what I know about people and cigar smoke. You either hate it like crazy or you don’t. I’ve seen very few folks in the middle. Can you relate?

At any rate, in my case, I’ve historically gravitated towards guys who are dominate with an outdoorsy vibe. As a result, a lot of them typically are all about being in control.

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And so that was the case with Stan. When I went to his home to mess around, he immediately said he was going to use certain parts of me (all consensual). He also told me he’d be smoking a cigar while doing it.

At first, I wasn’t sure if I would be down with it because it did seem a little weird. But after we were done, all I can tell you that it was awesome!

Since that first encounter, I’ve found myself going back for more.

There’s just something about a hot man doing his thing behind you will blowing out smoke from a stogie. As I write this now, I can still smell him – and his cigar in my mind.

Prior to meeting him, I had never been spanked. But since getting it on with Stan, he’s reddened my bum several times. Nothing severe or anything. But enough to feel the sting of his firm hand on my bum.

And while he punished me in the way tops do, he was smoking that big fat cigar. I wish I could describe the scent but it’s hard to do in a blog post. Maybe a cross between tobacco, leather, and cherries? That’s the best way I can describe it.

Have you ever gotten it on with a DILF? That is Stan. On our last encounter, he shot-gunned me with cigar smoke just before I drained him. You know how some guys have hardwired nips? Well, that’s what cigars (perhaps his cigars) does for me.

There’s no way I can be the only gay man who is into this. It’s not about the guy being a brutal top. Instead, it’s more connected to the total package – if you get my drift.

The weird thing now is that I’m actively searching on the apps for these types of men. I fear I’ve awakened a beast, deep inside. Don’t let that man have a beard, too. Ugh – woof!

PS: Yes, I know smoking is bad for you. But this isn’t a post about health and wellness 😊