Men Who Get Circumcised Experience Dramatic Increase in Sexual Pleasure (Study)

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New study suggests going from uncut to cut has unique benefits!

Are you cut or uncut? It’s a common question among men who have sex with men. In fact, jump on to any hook up app and you’ll likely see this information plastered somewhere in the profile.

Lots of people prefer guys who are circumcised. Others like a man with a hood that can be pulled back. It’s all about personal preference when you think about it.

Well, according to a new research study that appears in the Journal of Sex Medicine, there may be several solid reasons for uncut guys to get their snip-snip on.

Yep – that’s right! According to a report in Medical Daily, University of Illinois researchers have found there are dramatic sexual benefits for men who get circumcised later in late.

What the research was about

Researchers conducted a study with 360 men who openly volunteered for VMMC or voluntary medical male circumcision. Then, they followed up on their sex lives at two points in time after they surgery: 6 and 24 months.

The lead investigators measured 3 specific areas:

1. sexual pleasure and function;

2. sexual injuries and;

3. potential contraction of STI’s.

It’s that first area of measurement that sticks out (no pun intended).

Increased sexual pleasure

The results were dramatic and nearly unanimous!

Specifically, 98 percent of the men reported back that they were highly satisfied after the surgery (and 95 percent of their sexual partners agreed).

In addition, 94 percent of the men stated that they were either very satisfied or just as satisfied with the sex they had after the surgery.

This means that the guys who underwent the foreskin removal surgery found that they were having better sex after getting circumcised.



More sexual partners

Plus, on average the men reported having two more sexual partners than before they had the surgery. Basically, investigators found guys who go from uncut to cut can increase their hook up opportunities is a big way!

Here’s some other research related to men who switch from cut to uncut.

Last longer in bed

Getting snipped can enhance and increase the sexual performances of men post-surgery. (Something that I’m sure their sexual partners would appreciate).

In a 2014 study done by urologists of differing universities, it was discovered that men who went under the knife were lasting longer before ejaculating.

Respondents to the study noted that three months after the surgery, they were lasting an average of 20 seconds longer during sex.

The researchers then guessed that the reason for this was because after VMMC, patients had a decrease in penile sensitivity.

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And yes, 20 seconds isn’t a lot of time, but hey, work with what the surgeon gave you.

Happier sex partners

It’s also important to note that the people having sex with guys who snip the tip are also getting some rewards too.

Specifically, a 2011 study found that adult men who got circumcised also found decreases in the rate at which they both received and gave HPV infections (which can lead to warts and even cancer).

40 percent of women in the study said they were satisfied with the circumcision. The reason being that it meant keeping sex cleaner, healthier, and freer of certain STDS.

Helps to prevents STI’s

Going along with that, getting circumcised can also protect you from getting certain STIs.

Now, it’s not a sure or safe bet, but there are lowered risks with contracting STIs. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have spoken out and said that it lowers the risk of genital herpes and HPV (like stated above).

In addition, a Ugandan study in 2009 went further to find some concrete numbers. The study found that the risks lower on average by 25 percent for genital herpes and 35 percent for HPV.

Sadly, the study couldn’t figure out if circumcision has any effect on gay sex and HIV transmission in it. So, looks like we’re out of luck on this one boys.

So, in the meantime it’s best to follow the basic rules, safer sex and/or open communication.

That said, these studies seem to show clear pros for men thinking of getting circumcised. If you are an uncut man who is thinking of making the jump to cut, make sure you talk to your doctor.

Just for fun, I’m curious. Do you prefer men who are cut or uncut? I’ve put up a poll. Be sure to chime in!

h/t: Medical Daily

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