Colby Jansen Looks Red Hot In New Photo Shoot

Colby Jansen Looks Red Hot

Colby Jansen’s looking hot in his recent Instagram photo series.

The buff stud is a mainstay in the gay porn industry and there’s a big reason for that (and no, we’re not talking about his honker… but that too).

Colby Jansen is a big muscular guy, but he has an equally big personality that has earned him many fans outside of and inside the porn industry. That’s why so many people want to see him in more porn scenes, want to work with him in scenes, and want to film him in those scenes.

But as much as we love a gay porn star with a heart, our love ultimately goes down to a love of hot men in general. But that’s ok because Colby Jansen fits both categories.

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In a recent photo shoot with photographer Ivan Avila, Colby Jansen worked his stuff in front of a black backdrop. That simple black screen then allowed him to let loose and have fun while wearing a striking shade of red in most his clothing (that’s right. Sadly, most of his shots have clothes on him).

Check out some of the delectable photos of Colby Jansen down below. Then after you’re done with that, check out more photos of hot men pictured by Ivan Avila.

Trust us, both sets of photos will get you hot and bothered. They certainly did for us!