Connor Hunt’s Leaked Audition Tape Gives Us A Full Frontal “Preview”

Connor Hunt’s Leaked Audition Tape

We’ve given you reality stars pulling out their junk for all to see. We’ve given you celebrity audition tapes. But, this might be the first time we’ve given you a reality star’s audition tape where getting naked was about as normal as saying your name.

Connor Hunt is another reality star that’s a star to only people who commit themselves to devotedly watching reality television.

That said, Connor Hunt is known enough in the reality tv world, or at least he thinks he is, to put out an audition tape where he says, “You know who I am.”

Whether you know who Hunt is or not, you’ve gotta appreciate one thing, he has a great body. And apparently, he’s not afraid to show it (ok, so that’s two things).

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In this leaked audition tape, Hunt introduces himself, awkward says he wants to “create some magic together,.”

Then, he gives us a “preview” of what he’s got. (Though, that preview seems more like a free and front row ticket to all that is Connor Hunt).

While we don’t know what show the reality star is auditioning for (and let’s be honest, this might be a fake audition to get buzz about him), if he’s as naked on it as he is in this tape, we might actually have to check it out.

Want to see the audition tape for yourself? Click on this NSFW link.

h/t: CocktailsAndCockTalk