Why Straight Guys Don’t Make Eye Contact During Same Sex Hook Ups

curious muscular black man straight guy eye contact

There are certain unspoken rules

When I was 18 years old, there was a hot guy from my neighborhood I used to drain. He was little older than me (21) and worked for a construction company.

While hard to describe his look, I will tell you that he was a muscular black guy with a scruffy face, tats, and a healthy sized banana.

The details of how we met really aren’t that interesting. Suffice it to say we had seen one another plenty of times around town and had (mutually) taken notice. Think smallish community near Milwaukee – prior to the time of hook up apps.

At any rate, at some point after a ridiculously long game of trying to figure one another out, we ended hanging out at his place. And when I say “his place” – I’m talking about a sh—t hole studio that was barely 300 square feet.

So, you may be wondering what happened. It’s simple. We started chatting about various topics that most guys talk about: sports, cars, booze, and sex.

And it was that last topic that served as the spark for “fun” that would follow. Here, I’m talking about mutual touching and oral.

Sorry, there was no kissing, no cuddling, and absolutely no anal. It’s not like I didn’t want that to happen because oh man, I certainly did. It’s just that I knew – based off his energy – there were certain limits.

Which leads me to what this post is all about – why curious “straight” guys don’t make eye contact when you give them oral. Are you ready?

If he looks into your eyes during the drain out, he’ll think of himself as “gay”. I know, it’s ridiculous and stupid. But I’m just relaying to you what a lot of curious men think to themselves when it comes to man on man action.

The reason I know this is because that’s what the man I used to get with told me. Here’s how our conversation went (to the best of my memory).

ME: You know what we are doing is between us, right man? Nobody has to know about it.

CURIOUS GUY: Yeah, I know -it is cool.

ME: So how come when we’re doing our thing [oral] you always look away. Does it freak you out or something?

CURIOUS GUY: Oh, no it’s not like that. But if I start doing that it means I’m probably gay. And I am not sure that is what I am. Are you gay?

ME: I think so.

In my experience, a lot of men who are struggling with their sexuality avoid eye contact for the reason the hot man I used to drain shared above.

It fact, it’s the same rationale many “straight guys” adopt when getting brojobs.

So, I guess my point in sharing this is to simply say you can’t take it personally when hooking up with curious types. Don’t expect them to behave in the same way gay men do. They won’t.

That because to them, certain activities, including eye contact, kissing, and a list of other things are kind “off limits”. Honestly, it’s just too much for their psyches to handle. Does this change as time goes on? Maybe. But I suspect it is a journey.

If you ask me, you are way better off with a full on gay dude. It’s so much easier to get what you want. Plus, you don’t have to deal with BS rules and what have you.

And it’s not like straight or curious guys taste better. I’m here to tell you they don’t.