Did Glee’s Kevin McHale Come Out?

Did Kevin McHale Come Out?

The cast of Glee has certainly kept us gasping, guessing, and grabbing popcorn for years after the tv musical series ended.

Between the fabulous Darren Criss talking about making out with straight guys or getting engaged, Mark Salling pleading guilty to child porn charges and his sudden suicide, and now Kevin McHale’s thing, we don’t know where to turn next.

But what’s going on with McHale? Well, the actor shared a social media post that has people wondering if he’s currently dating a man.

In the Instagram post found below, Kevin McHale photographed himself with his hand holding onto someone else. The photo is captioned with an American Sign Language symbol for “I Love You.” As such, we at least know that McHale is announcing that he’s dating someone.

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On top of the announcement that the actor is currently taken, some are theorizing that the other hand belongs to a man. But, it looks like no one can confirm that or figure out who the hand belongs to.

But does it matter if McHale is dating a man or a woman? Like we said with Lee Pace, it does matter to a point. Having more openly gay role models in public is a good thing. That said, we also have to remember not to out hunting for gays.

Maybe the end in the picture belongs to a man. If so, that’s pretty great. But, maybe McHale is just announcing that he’s dating a woman. That’s cool too. If so, congrats to the happy couple.

Overall, we want two things. We want representation and we want everyone to be as happy as possible. We can celebrate both without forcing too much on others. And that’s how it should be.

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