Doctors Say Summer’s The Time For Junk-Eating Bacteria

Summer’s The Time For Junk-Eating Bacteria

Be careful men. Turns out, Summer isn’t just the perfect time to show off your penis, but it’s also the best time to catch penis-eating bacteria too.

Men’s Health reports that the summer months are a scary dangerous time for men who, most likely, don’t want their penis to eat itself.

Apparently, the South African Medical Journal has published a report written by doctors at the Grey’s Hospital in South Africa. The doctors say that they’ve treated 44 men with flesh-eating bacteria on their junk in the past five years.

The type of flesh-eating infection (or necrotizing fasciitis) that attacks the genitals is called a fournier gangrene and it attacks the little crevices in your private bits.

But why summer months? Well, that’s because we all like to dive into the water when things get hot. Unfortunately, vibrio vulnificus, a bacteria that causes this infection, also loves to hang out in the ocean during the hotter months.

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If you want to avoid ever contracting something like this, be aware of what can cause it such as having cuts in your crotch area. This includes any manscaping that men love to do down there.

“It can start with a nick to a hair follicle during shaving,” Drl Brian Steixner explained to “A very specific bacteria gets under the skin, and it travels fast. It basically starts to eat away at all the skin.”

Unfortunately, the fatality rate once you’ve contracted the bacteria is significant (20-30 percent) and only gets higher the longer you wait. If you feel like you might have this condition, make sure to go to a doctor ASAP! They will set you up with antibiotics and surgery to remove the dead skin.

That said, the condition is still pretty rare, so you don’t have to run around scared that you’re going to get something. But that doesn’t mean you shoudn’t be cautious. Make sure to always clean up if you’ve got cuts in your lower region and especially if you just went swimming.

There are penis-eating bacteria out there and you want to do whatever you can to make sure you don’t catch any of them.

h/t: Men’s Health