Did YouTube Stud Dominic Ciccarelli Have a MASSIVE Photo Leak?

dominic Ciccarelli

Did you hear the news? You Tube stud Dominic Ciccarelli has mysteriously experienced a photo “leak”. And what has hit the Internet isn’t just some random picture of him bum.

No sir, these pics reveal a massive stick of yumminess with a chomp of thick woof! Obviously, we have no way of authenticating the pictures but if they are to be believed, all we can say is wow!

Just in case you don’t know, Dominic is Social media star who is very well known for his self-titled Dominic Ciccarelli YouTube channel.

Much of what he’s made available online for consumption relates to his vlogs which focus on fashion, lifestyle, and even makeup tutorials.

In looking at his social media, he’s got a respectable following on YouTube with 36,000 people. And his Instagram followership seems to be growing as well, currently sitting at 7,800.

Dominic is fairly young (21) and was born on February 25, 1997.

Did the YouTube star leak out his own pictures? We have no real way of knowing. GPB reached out to Dominic as a way of asking but as of the time of this post, received no response.

This young man wouldn’t be the first to experience this phenomenon. In 2017, GPB spoke to industry insiders and learned that sometimes, models, social media stars and celebs will “leak” their imagery to various outlets as a way of getting a quick bump in the news.

But sometimes, pictures come out that were not intended to be published at all. You can read more about this in this extensive background post that contains completely not safe for work material (see link).

At any rate, if you are interested in seeing the goodies on Dominic Ciccarelli, a little birdie told us that they may still be over at the OMG Blog and then click on “Candy”.

Interesting how these things happen, huh?