Dustin McNeer Shows Off His Yummy Assets

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Dustin McNeer is transforming into a bodybuilding muscle stud!

There’s something yummy about Dustin McNeer, don’t you think? At 21-years old, the guy has made such a name for himself. Many readers will remember him as a contestant on ATNM.

And while he didn’t win that season (Nyle DiMarco did), McNeer has remained a constant feature on social media.

Here at the blog, we’ve kept our eyes on him over the years. In a semi-extensive piece authored in 2016, GPB presented a series of 5 facts about the model you might not know.

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Since running that story a few years back, McNeer has gone through a big of a body transformation. Specifically, we’re talking about the man becoming a serious body builder.

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No, for real – the guy has jacked up his body in ways that are all about the yum. Perhaps this is why some of the recent photos of him online are so crazy hot!

What’s interesting is that since his debut on ATNM, McNeer has decided to share his journey with followers and fans. But to keep it real, he’s done more than that.

Yep, that’s right – NcNeer (apparently) really likes to put on shows. And we’re not talking about body worship stuff where he strikes a pose and curls his biceps.


Nope, instead, we’re talking about the full-on jacking type with milk squirting from his udder (read between the lines). Now with several new tattoos, the handsome blue-eyed stud is even yummier than ever.

Obviously, we can’t show these types of photos here. But that doesn’t mean we can’t point you in the right direction. All you have to do is head on over to the OMG Blog to check out the goodies via this totally NSFW link.

Are you a fan of Dustin McNeer? What do you like most about him?