Out Canadian Olympian Eric Radford: “I Feel Lucky I’m Not Adam Rippon”

Eric Radford: “I Feel Lucky I’m Not Adam Rippon”

While the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeonchang, South Korea are still in full swing until the end of this week, many of the openly gay Olympians that we’ve talked about here are already done with their runs.

Gus Kenworthy just ended his competing, without a medal sadly, while Adam Rippon finished with a bronze medal and Eric Radford left with a bronze and a gold.

That said, there’s still plenty of news coverage surrounding these three athletes and the many other openly gay Olympians in South Korea.

One new story that’s going around is surrounding a quote from Openly Gay team figure skater Eric Radford.

Eric Radford talked to TMZ and shared that he’s “lucky” that he comes from such a supportive government.

“I feel very lucky that I’m not Adam, and I don’t have to deal with that whole political side of things.

“I got a call from our Prime Minister [Justin Trudeau]… he tweeted [my skating partner] and I. He’s been so supportive and kind and nice.

“I give all of my support to Adam and everything he’s doing – especially in the skating world.”

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Radford also shared that he also wants to gather as many of the openly gay athletes still at the Olympics for a trip to the Pride House. Canada decided that it would be hosting the LGBTQ-inclusive space after South Korea failed to provide such a space.

He shared: “I’m going to try and get Adam and the guys together and head down to Pride House – maybe we can just spend a bit of time there and soak up that really positive energy.”

On to topic of the Pride House, Keph Senett, the Pride House International trustee, said:

“There is much to be celebrated in this historic partnership.

“It’s the first time a Pride House has come to Asia, and it’s the first time a National Olympic Committee has officially embraced the Pride House concept. The fact that it is the Canadian Olympic Committee that has announced its commitment to LGBTQ+ inclusion and participation is extra meaningful as Pride House was originally a Canadian idea.”

In addition, Chris Overholt, the CEO and Secretary General of the Canadian Olympic Committee said:

“The COC stands behind its commitment of inclusion and diversity in the global sport landscape.

“We recognize that diversity is our greatest strength. Inclusion is the very foundation of what makes the heart of Team Canada. By hosting Pride House in our Canada Olympic House, we are extending our warmest welcome to all from every corner of the world to celebrate ‘Be Olympic’.

“Team Canada is proud to embrace its diversity at Canada House, which includes a sign at the front door, welcoming all and knows that as a team, we are stronger when we celebrate our differences.”

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