Escort Who Outed 40 Italian Priests Returns For More

Escort Who Outed 40 Priests Has More To Say

The escort who outed 40 Italian priests is back in headlines after the story of his 1200-paged dossier got out.

Earlier this month, news got out that a male escort by the name of Francesco Mangiacapra had released a 1,200-paged dossier explaining his interactions with several priests. The dossier included evidence like screenshots of WhatsApp chats to convince the Vatican of its truth, which eventually worked.

The gay escort, with experience as both a priest and a lawyer, works in the Naples, Italy area and his dossier eventually reached the ears of neighboring religious figures.

As the Associated Press reports:

“In a statement on the diocesan website, Cardinal Cresenzio Sepe said none of the identified priests worked in Naples. But he said he decided to forward the file to the Vatican because ‘there remains the gravity of the cases for which those who have erred must pay the price, and be helped to repent for the harm done.”

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Now the story continues as South Florida Gay News has reached out to Mangiacapra and got an interview with him.

In the interview, Mangiacapra shares that he’s not necessarily looking to punish the Catholic church, as he’s fairly religious himself, but that he wanted to punish these specific men for practicing sex while preaching the opposite.

“I released this dossier because I wanted to expose the ‘bad apples,’ not to throw mud at the Catholic Church but to help her get rid of the rot that contaminates the healthy part. The behavior of these priests is, in many cases, the fruit of bad leadership in which priests are allowed to do the opposite of what they preach. Because they know each other, help each other and support each other together with their wide circle of sympathetic friends, I do not pass judgment on priests because they are gay. I like to think that the priests who have sex with me are not souls to be saved but only hearts and minds to be liberated from their hypocrisy. Basically, my sex work is a ministry similar to that of priests, but more scrupulous.”

If you want to read more from the interview with Francesco Mangiacapra, check out the South Florida Gay News article.

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