6 Amazing First Date Ideas That Spark Romance!

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First date ideas for gay men

Assuming, of course, that it’s NOT a first date, these ideas are sure to sweep the man of your heart’s desires off his feet.  To really get his attention, you might combine two or more of these ultimate first impressions as I’ve done in the past.

If it’s a first date… hey, a couple of these will probably still work, but if he’s a traditional romantic, you might have to put three or more of these together in hopes of getting him in the sack.

If that doesn’t work, on a first date, he’s a keeper and you need to go for the gold with another date or two to win over his passionate affections.

Having laid that groundwork, no pun intended, let’s get started…

1. Ask him to dress up, at least in a blazer and some nice slacks. 

This will assure him that you are determined to take him to one of the nicer restaurants in town.  When you show up, show up with flowers and a boutonniere and pin it on his jacket for him.

Don’t go cheap on the flowers and DO NOT try to kiss him at this point.  That will only cheapen your intensions.  Definitely open his car door for him.  Take him to the hottest venue in the city and plan for reservations, in advance, if you have to.

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Once you arrive at the restaurant, if they do not have valet parking, ask him to sit tight once you’ve parked.  Then you can get around to open his car door for him.

Inside the restaurant, once you’ve both been shown to your table… now this one is IMPORTANT!  Pull out his chair for him.  It’s a very small gesture, but one that’s sure to burn into his memory.

Once you take him back home, do not assume you’ll be invited in by him, but rather, at his doorstep, ask him if you may kiss him goodnight.  Anything beyond that is a bonus.  Treat it as such!

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2. Rent a limousine for the evening

Have a chauffeur drive you around to wherever your evening is planned to take both of you.  Ask the limousine company to have a bottle of chilled Asti Spumante, with champagne flutes, ready to go in the back; already uncorked of course.

I suggested Asti Spumante, a sparkling white wine, as not everyone likes champagne.  Champagne can be a bit too dry for some tastes, just like a Cabernet or Merlot; however, you are likely to be quite safe with Asti Spumante.  It’s bubbly, feeling like champagne, and neither too dry nor too sweet.

3. Is he an love or animals or children?

Does the potentially new man in your life love animals?  How about kids?  If he is an animal lover, try a midday Saturday excursion to the local animal shelter.  Arrange it in advance, if you must, so that the two of you can do some volunteer work together.

If he’s really that much of an animal lover, this particular and unique date idea will certainly tug at his heart and you’ll be the one that gave him the memory.

However, if he doesn’t have quite the Everest-like love of animals, but rather for children, take him on a spontaneous trip to Toy-R-Us and buy five to ten or modestly sized stuffed animals for kids in the six to ten year old range.

Then, take him to the local children’s hospital and meet a few children who are there undergoing inpatient treatment for any number of illnesses.

Plan to spend time with each child and really get to know them.  You’ll be amazed at what this trip will do for the kids, but even more so for how you’ll feel once you’ve left the hospital and what you got out of it.

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This excursion will be even more so for what your date will have experienced and you’ll both feel like you’ve adopted each the children.

This one is sure to impress and make yet another memory he’ll likely not soon forget.  Don’t be surprised if the two of you make this a regular event.

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4. Get off the ground

Hire a pilot, for a small Cessna airplane, to take you both up for a nighttime aerial tour of the city.  I specifically suggested a Cessna as it is a high wing airplane, offering unrestricted views out the window to the city’s lights and terrain below.

There’s nothing like seeing all of the big city street lamps and other illumination, at night, from above.  You should sit in the back seat together.

First of all, you want to sit by his side.  Secondly, the back seat of a small Cessna is a bit of a tighter fit, assuring you a more intimate ride together as you float through the dark sky attached at the hips.

You can also save some money by getting a pilot referral who’ll gladly take you up, at no charge on his part, in order to log some time.  In this case, you’ll only have the expense of renting an airplane for an hour.

5. Look to the stars

If your new date is an astronomer at heart, plan a night trip about twenty miles outside of town, away from any big city lights.  You should already know what he prefers to drink and snack on to have a picnic basket and a blanket packed in the back of your car out of sight.

Once you are far enough away from the city, assuming he didn’t grow up a country boy, you’ll show him more stars, in the night sky, than he’s ever seen before.

You can really show off your knowledge of the celestial heaven above by pointing out the cloud-like band across the sky and tell him that he’s looking through the denseness of the ‘Milky Way’ galaxy.

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6. An old-fashioned notion

Is the target of your affection a book lover?  This will cost you nothing, unless you have to buy one of my books!   However, plan an evening in, getting comfortable together on the sofa; yes – dressed!  Have him lay his head down on your lap as you read to him.

If he’s a book aficionado, your reading to him will allow him to focus on the book as much as the sound of your voice as he sinks into you and the sofa.  He’ll be in heaven and discover a tender and giving side of you that is a rarity these days.

Wrap Up

Speaking from experience, I’ve done every one of these.  Obviously the ‘hire a pilot and plane thing’ costs more than some volunteer time, but with some ingenuity and imagination, you can come up with your own list of unique things to do for any budget.

A first date, or any date for that matter, doesn’t have to be ‘inside the box’ typical.

Dinner is dinner is dinner!  A movie is nothing but a movie.  However, something unexpected will take his breath away and assure you of being that much closer to, not just getting you laid, but being able to passionately enjoy each other between the sheets that will be so much more that what the title of this article suggests!