See The First Look Of Sense8’s Series Finale

First Look Of Sense8’s Series Finale

It’s time to get a first look at the series finale of Sense8.

Sense8 is and was a sci-fi drama on Netflix that lasted for two seasons.

The show followed eight people who lived around the globe. One day, those people found themselves connected to each other in their minds and spirits. They could not only think/talk to each other, but they could also share skills like medical knowledge, language skills, and fighting skills.

Then, of course, they discovered an evil organization out to kill them all.

The show carried a cult following, but never gained the mass recognition that shows like Stranger Things or Orange is the New Black received.

That, mixed with the massive cost of the show due to its need to be filmed all over the world, ultimately ended in the show’s cancellation.


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That said, fans were so adamant on the continuation of the story (or at least, the rounding out and closure of it), that Netflix later announced that there would be a two-hour finale special coming out sometime in 2018.

Now, filming is currently underway and the show’s production and marketing teams wanted to not only thank the fans for their unending love and commitment, but also give a little sneak peek and behind the scenes view of what we’ll all be getting later this following year.

If you’re interested, check out the quick finale special first look down below.

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