Franco Noriega: 7 Facts That Go Beyond His Hot Body and Huge Peen!

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Franco Noriega is a chef worth knowing about!

If you’ve been on the Internet for any amount of time, you’ve no doubt seen pictures of the hot chef, Franco Noriega.

With hazel brown eyes, a strong jawline and hairy chest to boot, interest in the Peruvian born hunk has taken off like a rocket!

And this was all before his OMG hot NSFW pics came out for all the world to see. Is it any wonder why so many people are interested in him?

But beyond his six pack abs, bearded face and sculpted body, what do you really know about him?

In this post, we’ll explore 7 facts about Franco Noriega that might surprise you. Along the way, we’ve included several pictures to get your thirst on. At the end, we’ve tossed in a poll.

Are you ready to learn more about Chef Franco Noriega? Let’s yum right in!

Gay Pop File: Franco Noriega

Birthday: January 16, 1989

Zodiac Sign: Capricorn Male

Height: 6’2

Eye Color: Hazel Brown

Gay Classification: Muscle Wolf Jock Mix

Shoe Size: 11.5 (Verified)

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1. Hoped to be an actor

When Noriega lived in Peru, he was enrolled in college to learn advertising. But a year into his studies, he decided to listen to his inner voice and pursue acting. He took a workshop in the summer and was sold on the craft.

In 2007, after talking to his family, he decided to take a huge leap and move to New York City. Once he arrived in the “Big Apple”, he enrolled at the premier New York Academy of Dramatic Arts.

2. Modeling happened almost immediately

When you look at Franco Noriega, it’s pretty clear the man was born to be a model. From head to toe, he’s got the perfect body.

It’s no surprise that in 2008, thanks to the help of the well-known Peruvian photographer Mario Testino, Noriega landed a gig with the good folks at Dolce & Gabbana. And they wouldn’t be the last.

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His face and body have graced multiple ad campaigns ranging from 2 xist underwear to Louis Vuitton. He’s also covered a myriad of print magazines. No surprise!

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3. A former swimmer that’s comfy nude

Should we be surprised that Noriega is a former swimmer? One look at his physique and it’s pretty obvious that he’s spent time conditioning it for many years.

And apparently, he’s comfortable with nothing on.

In an interview he gave with the Telegraph, he shared:

“I swam for Peru when I was younger so was always almost naked – in my Speedos, anyway. And Peru is a hot country, so you wear less clothes.”

It is for this reason – and several others – that the deep voiced stud has been dubbed “The Real Naked Chef”.

4. Comes from a restaurant family

Franco Noriega didn’t just fall into being a Peruvian chef. According to public interviews he’s given, his family owns two high end restaurants back in Peru called Loreta.

While in NYC, he felt the calling to cook. In turn, he put his modeling career on hold and enrolled himself at the International Culinary Center in Manhattan.

“Being Peruvian I come from a culture that revolves around food and embraces it in a unique way from other cultures,” he shared with La Palme Magazine.

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5. Fitness is built into his life

If you want to know how Noriega maintains his chiseled body, part of his secret is cardio. But not in the way that you might think.

Apparently, to get around NYC and to all of things he’s involved with, he uses a skateboard to cross the Williamsburg Bridge and rides his bike to other places.

Noriega makes space in his schedule for the gym, hitting the weights 5-6 times per week. As the hunk shared with GQ in an interview:

“I also go to the gym like five or six times a week, and I work out for 45 minutes. I’ll pick a body part, one day I’ll do my chest… it’s not like on Mondays I have to do this, or on Tuesdays I do that. Part of me enjoying working out is giving myself the freedom to do whatever I chose.”

6. He’ll continue to model

As one might imagine, running “Baby Brasa” – Noriega’s own Lower East Side restaurant – is extremely time consuming. Not only is there the food to attend to but all that goes into running a business.

But apparently, that’s not going to stop him from his modeling pursuits.

In an interview with Eater, he shared, “The restaurant business is very demanding, and I’m really focused 100 percent in it. But I believe there’s time for everything.”

All we can say to Noriega is more power to you – and we’re delighted!

franco noriega bulge
Photo Credit: Cosmo

franco noriega bulge underwear

7. He’s packing REALLY large

We don’t just say this because we’re wishing upon a star. Based on the photographic evidence, particularly “blown up” pics appearing on the Cosmo website, it appears Franco Noriega is packing super-sized assets.

We’ve featured a few below but honestly, all you have to do is check out almost any of his shirtless/underwear picks and you’re going to see a handful.

We didn’t even bother to sick our sizeoligists on him like we did with Captain America stud, Chris Evans. Noriega is too obvious!

They say big things come out of Peru. That kind of fits perfectly with our unabashed affinity for Latin men.

With Noriega’s yummy pics, we now completely understand why!

Oh – can we just say – WOOF. Seriously, woof with cherries on top!

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