5 Scientifically Proven Ways Gay Men Benefit from Beach Time

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Here’s why gay men need to head to the beach

If you’re gay, there’s a good chance like going to the beach. What’s not to love? There’s the ocean breeze, the warm sand plus, depending on location, lots of eye candy.

But did you know that going to the beach can offer particular health benefits – specifically if you’re gay? Yep, it’s true. And we’re not just saying that.

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Think about it for a moment. When you go near the ocean or spend time by a lake, don’t you feel more relaxed, restored and recharged?

What follows are five scientifically proven ways gay men benefit by visiting the beach. Some points may be obvious while others cause you to pause and think. Read them all to fully absorb the goodness.

Let’s dive right in!

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Boost creativity

1 Boosts creativity

Are you a gay artist, painter or writer? Do you write music or sing? If so, consider yourself unique among the masses. Throughout recorded history, gay men have been known for their creative skills.

But sometimes, our abilities can be stymied. That happens when we are overwhelmed and try to take on too much, too fast. Sound familiar?

No need to stress. According to scientific literature, being around the color blue can help restore a sense of imagination and ignite that creative spark.

That’s why being around the ocean, particularly deep blue ones with shades of turquoise can be powerfully restorative.

Got your swim trunks?

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Helps with depression

2. Helps with depression

Not all gay men suffer from depression but many of us do. According to numerous studies, incidence of depression run higher among gay men than the general population.

Much of what may be causing that melancholy mood is situational. For example, judgmental family members or employers. In fact, sadness is a common symptom among oppressed groups.

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That’s why going to the beach, particularly on sunny days, is good for gay men. The light from the sun causes your brain to discharge greater amounts of serotonin; a neurotransmitter known to elevate spirits.

There is even some research to suggest that light therapy can help gay men living with HIV+ ameliorate depression.

What’s great about the beach is its proximity to water. You see h20 acts as an amplifier of sunlight, which in turn scatters particles of light across the sky.

Through the phenomenon of Rayleigh scattering, your eyes take in healing beams of blues and whites, which clinically known mood boosters.

Doesn’t the beach sound awesome now?

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Helps you relax

3. Chillaxes you

One of the best parts about going to the beach is swimming. Even wading waist high in shallow waters can be fun. But there are other benefits, particularly for gay men, that can be gained from a dip in the ocean.

Here’s why:

As a tribe, gay folks tend to be more “techy”. Well, at least according to several studies. That means we’re into the latest and greatest gadgets more than our heterosexual counterparts.

Some studies suggest that too much exposure to things like iPhones, watches, tablets and pads can leave us feeling cranky and irritable. Invisible to the naked eye, these gadgets let off positive ions; particles that increase anxiety.

But when you go to the beach and get into the water, you expose yourself to naturally occurring ions. What’s the benefit? Well, the natural ions are thought to be counteractive, thereby helping you to chillax.

FYI: Oceans are literally swimming with natural ions. Ready for a dip?

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Helps with mindfulness

4. Encourages mindfulness  

As gay men, many of us know all too well the meaning of disappointment. Sometimes, we take giant leaps forward. Other times, we get set way back. And while things have improved for the better in recent years, there’s still much work to do.

These setbacks can leave many of us with a sense of hopelessness.

That’s where the beach comes in!

When you go to the ocean and cast your eyes upon the sea, you mindfully allow yourself to be in the moment. This activity can help center your attention to the present, meaning the here and now.

And we know through clinical studies that mindfulness based living greatly benefits gay men.

Got some suntan lotion?

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5. Reduces anxiety

Unfortunately, gay men appear to report greater rates of anxiety than other population groups. The reasons for this run the gamut, from fears of rejection to societal challenges.

Sometimes the anxiety can get so bad that medications are necessary to reduce symptoms. And while there’s nothing wrong with taking something like an anxiolytic, most people prefer more natural remedies.

If this describes you, cup your hand to your ear now and listen. Off in the distance, you’ll hear the beach gently calling you.

One of the most widely used tools in sound therapy are ocean themes. That’s because the sound of crashing waves, seagulls and the wind are known for their healing effects.

Close your eyes and imagine. Can you hear the ocean?

Wrap Up

It goes without saying that if you go to the beach, it’s important to limit the amount of time you’re exposed to the sun.  Wearing a quality sunscreen with a SPF 30 or more can do a lot to protect your skin.

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And if you can’t get to the beach, consider bringing the water to you. Read a book with a sandy theme or consider meditating to sounds that are all about the ocean.

Either way, it’s time for you to get your beach on. Want some good beach ideas? Below is a book that offers some great ideas! Thanks for for stopping by 🙂

By: John Hollywood