You Could Bottom For Groups of Roman Soldiers If You Were Submissive

Submissive volunteers used in soldier training

Being a bottom for groups of muscular, defined tops wasn’t all that hard in Ancient Rome – particularly if you were a new soldier in the elite Roman Army.

That’s because during the time of the Roman Empire, which started Cira 753 BC – homosexuality was not viewed through the same lens of shame and judgment that it is today.

Instead, man on man sex was considered a function aggression, whereby dominant males overtook their mates in a powerful (and often public) display of masculinity.

While slavery absolutely existed for nearly the entire history of ancient Rome, not all who engaged in gay sex were made to do so by force.

The Volunteer Bottom

If you happened to be a Tirones [a soldier in training] you were expected to learn assertiveness skills from your superiors. Some lessons involved fighting with swords to help build confidence. Other activities were designed to teach endurance, like running up hills.

Group Bottoming Lessons

But to teach young recruits about dealing with pain, volunteers were selected for the purpose of group bottoming. According to books written on this topic, the lesson was simple.

A submissive trainee was required to allow his fellow soldiers to top him in rapid succession. In fact, no soldier could stop f—ng this volunteer until his seed was fully unloaded.

It was not uncommon for clads of 15-fighters (or more) to aggressively bang-out the hole of a Tirones with the goal of inflicting pain.

And while some may think this sounds deeply erotic, the reality is that many Roman Centurions were extremely large. In fact, some literature exists to suggest one needed to be 8 inches or more to qualify for officer candidacy, after the Marion reforms of 107 BC.

Roman Centurions were known for being very large

Crude Lube

Moreover, anal lubricant – at least as we know it – did not exist. Instead, water and oil were used. In this way, a soldier would crudely moisten the hole of a Tirones and then pummel him until release.

Ancient texts also tell us that if this trainee made any audible noise, including screaming, he would face the wrath of a gladiator – the most powerful – and feared – of the Roman Army.

You wouldn’t want to bottom for this person, no matter how hot it might sound. The reason is simple. When a gladiator topped you, he did so with a sword against your neck. If you made even the slightest noise, your throat would be slashed.

If you survived the Gladiator’s jackhammering, you gained the respect of fellow soldiers in a major way. Moreover, men serving beside you knew you were an expert at handling real pain.

Gay Sex in Ancient Rome

Our world today vastly differs from the way things were over 2000 years ago. Same-sex relations among men were certainly not celebrated – but they also weren’t taboo.

To learn more about homosexuality during the ancient Roman Empire, consider reading Blake’s work at Katheon. You might be surprised at what you discover.

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