pitching guidelines

Gay Pop Buzz Pitching Guidelines

We are always looking for unique, interesting content for Gay Pop Buzz (GPB) that can be featured in our “It Really Happened” area of the site.

We’re also happy to post informative material in other areas of the blog related to dating, relationships and men’s grooming.

Visitors of this site love reading personal stories that are told from a first person perspective.

To keep it real, there’s a lot of interest on the part of gay men about other guys they can identify with. Here, we’re talking about relationship drama, family issues – quirky stuff – it’s all welcomed at GPB.

As a frame of reference, it helps to use a male celebrity for a mental visual or gay lingo of some type (Example: I’m a bear that dated a jock). This isn’t required but it helps in some cases. If you have read through our various posts, you will see exactly what we mean.

Many of our articles have some type of widely recognized male as a way to illustrate or create a “picture” of a given dynamic.

For example, if you dated a guy that looked like Chris Evans, say it! If you hooked up with a dude that resembled Shemar Moore, tell it that way. If someone you connected with a has a smile like Taylor Lautner, mention it. 

Yes – we are partly a gay news and gossip site but we are also an online story sharing destination for gay men. Because most of us are interested in the entertainment industry, it makes sense that we use male celebs as a way of helping others “see” things when we tell our stories. 

See this post as an example of a first hand, gay story. 

If you decide to write an article for us, we ask that you be brutally honest and completely transparent. Don’t make up or fake anything. At GPB, our readers are the experts — our suggestions and advice, told through the narrative, comes from living through an experience.

GPB can be snarky but also big time inclusive and inspirational, while staying honest and true at all times.

GPB is written by gay men with strong voices, opinions and identities. We sometimes can be in direct opposition to one another. That is how life works sometimes.

OK – A Few More Tips

  • Please write just like you talk! (ex/ Don’t say “significant other” if what you really mean is “boyfriend.”
  • Be completely authentic and honest. It’s OK to use some satire but don’t over do it.
  • Don’t tear down male celebrities or anyone else please (we are not that kind of site).

How To Pitch a Story to Gay Pop Buzz:

Please send your article idea with a clear, easy to understand headline (no SPAM) to: [email protected]. Make sure you include a little something about your personal experience plus the impact it had on you and how this relates to the GPB audience.

We ask that the “subject line” of your e-mail describe what your pitch is about. Do not subject your email “My Story Pitch” or “IRH”. Full stories are also accepted however – the more clear your note to us, the better.


It Really Happened: – Your first person narrative about something strange, unusual, interesting or totally amazing that has happened to you. Be sure to see this example post an idea.

All first hand stories of this nature need to be FREE OF ADULT LANGUAGE. There is a way to tell a story without getting overly graphic. We are not p*rn site. Your article must be at least 1000 words in length and it needs to tell a story. 

Lifestyle: Articles that gay men would enjoy reading that you can tie into your favorite celebrity, fashion trend, etc. Example: How to style your hair like Colton Haynes. Topics can include everything from movie reviews to “Fun Facts” about a male celeb to dating tips to grooming suggestions. See this area of the website for ideas.

How to articles must comply with the Informational Articles” guidelines listed below. 

Informational Articles

If you would like to write a “How To” article for our Lifestyles Section (aka Grooming, Health) it MUST directly relate to gay men and focus on their needs. Additionally, your article needs to be well written and original, meaning it’s never been published on the web before. 

If you want to include a link that has a legitimate purposes (like a scholarly journal) that supports a point you are making, we will consider inclusion. We will also add a link to your social media page (if you want us to).  

Warning to all SEO gurus looking for short, spammy articles just to snag a backlink for you  client – it’s not happening on this blog.


If you have a relationship with a company or someone mentioned in your post, you must disclose it. “I am owner and operator of XYZ Skin Care” “My business partner, ABC Skin Care wrote the following.”

How To Articles

If you want to write an article that presents a “How To” approach for readers, it needs to follow the following guidelines:

  • We require posts to be at least 1,000 words.
  • You can write more than 1,000 if you like
  • Images are OK to include but you must own the rights to them. You can also get free pictures from online from various sites.


Use short paragraphs of around three to four sentences. Short paragraphs are much easier to understand and digest, drive your point across, and encourage reading in this age of information overload and short attention spans

It’s like this – we are always looking for these types of articles and have a fairly good chance of being accepted/published provided they are ORIGINAL and well written. FYI: We do verify all articles for originality before posting. If it’s already published somewhere else, we don’t want it.

If you would like to send pictures with your pitches/articles, please do! They can only help with our considering your story! We prefer not to use stock photos, personal headshots, or anything that looks fake or edited. We are looking for nice, colorful pics with your handsome, unique mugs in them!


  • Rumors you want to spread on a celebrity (not getting published)
  • X-Rated material (you can tell a story without being overly graphic)
  • PR or promotional pieces for a celebrity
  • Fake stories or fiction
  • Marketing articles designed to sell your products

What else?

  • You can remain completely anonymous if you like OR we can use only your first name and last initial. It is up to you.
  • We are open to offering one link to your website if it is appropriate. Depends on the story.
  • We are open to paying contributors a flat fee for contributing to It Really Happened. 

Final Thoughts

If you send us a story idea and it is accepted, we reserve the right to edit the article per our needs. We will advise of this however before publication. 

We hope to hear from you and would love to hear your stories!