Gay Conversion Therapy Doctor Found Using Gay Hookup Sites

Conversion Therapy Doctor Found Using Gay Hookup Websites

In today’s funny and tragic closeted men news, a gay conversion therapist was caught using gay dating sites.

At a first glance, Norman Goldwasser is the typical, toxic religious man. He’s Orthodox Jewish, practices conversion therapy, and has a ridiculous name to fit his title. He’s checked all the boxes. And one box that we’re finding to be more common by the day is that he’s also a closeted gay man.

Gay reporters on the website Truth Wins Out were kind enough to share screenshots of Goldwasser on a gay dating site. Goldwasser, who thinks being gay is a mental illness that can be cured over time, seems to have the sickness himself.

Under the profile HotnHairy72, and using the fake name Dave when asked, Goldwasser posted that he was a “Hairy Built Guy Looking For Someone Similar And Normal For Regular Hookups.”

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As TWO writer Wayne Bensen writes:

“Norman Goldwasser’s double life of unconscionable lies highlights the rank hypocrisy and predatory nature of the fraudulent ‘ex-gay’ industry. We urge every state to ban the scourge of conversion therapy that attacks the mental health of LGBT youth and puts them in harms way.”

He went on, “Here is a case where a charlatan is committing consumer fraud by misleading clients and adversely affecting their mental health. We are particularly concerned when Goldwassser’s scam preys on young people susceptible to his charade.”

The Truth Wins Out then confronted Norman Goldwasser on his hypocrisy and cashing in on the mental states of LGBTQ youth. Goldwasser then begged for mercy.

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“I reminded Goldwasser that he was asking for sympathy he never afforded his victims, some teenagers, as he coldly collected their money and ruined their lives,” Besen shared on JoeMyGod.

Thankfully, that news came out and Goldwasser got the Godly retribution he deserved.

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