8 Worst Kinds of Men You Can Meet on Gay Hookup Apps

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It’s 2017 and if you are not using gay hookup apps, you are most likely living under a rock or something. I know, many of you will start saying that the Internet is not the perfect place to find the man of your dreams or the guy that you will want to spend your life with, but, in an era when everything keeps moving faster, sex and relationships have been trying to copy the way we act in our digital lives.

If you are using gay hookup apps, this story will ring so many bells you will actually won’t be able to resist sharing it. You, guys, more than anyone else, know what we will be talking about today. The mysterious (and the worst) guys of apps like Grindr, Scruff, Hornet, Real Jock or even Tinder. Today, we are delving into the secret, most wicked online gay tribes and why you should avoid them.

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1. The NSA Type

In case you don’t know what “NSA” means it is short for “No Strings Attached.” See? That Internet thing has made us use acronyms instead of words too. No Strings Attached means just one thing: “I don’t want a relationship and sex is the only thing missing in my life so I have to find it online as soon as possible.”

However, No Strings Attached can mean one other thing too: “I am just looking for someone who will be able to give me great sex but also might be good enough for some extra sex from time to time.” Also, when you hear about guys who are only interested in NSA situations, you might want to take a look at their relationship status. Most likely, they are already taken and look for someone to cheat their boyfriends with. Sorry.

2. The “No-Fems” Type

“Fems” stands for “Feminine.” “No-Fem guy” stands for someone who thinks of himself as a real macho man to even picture himself with someone who waxes their chest or is too proud to care for the world’s opinion on the way they behave. These guys usually find fem guys too “loud” to handle and they usually look for guys who meet the standard of a well-built guy with muscles, hair and big manhood.

Stay away from them because “No-Fem” guys usually look for another “No-Fem” guy to enjoy a day playing baseball and do things that are considered straight-acting; another stereotype that puts discrimination first in a community that has already had enough of it.

3. The Obsessed Guy

“Hey!” a guy sends on the app. If you are not interested you might send back a “Hi man! Not really interested but thanks!” You might as well send nothing back. Ten hours later and the same message appears on your screen: “Hello!” If you are patient enough, you will, again, send something stating that you are not really interested. Sixteen hours later, you get the same message: “Hey!”

This is the obsessed guy who doesn’t take “No” for an answer and you should definitely block him because, guess what. He will keep texting you until you write him back. Letting people know that you are not interested in what they are offering you is not bad. Bugging people and obsessing over them is. End of story.

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4. The Relationship Type

No, we are not talking about the guy who is looking for a relationship, here. This is not bad! Not bad at all!

We are talking about the guy you have exchanged five or ten message with and he somehow believed that you are now together. You may also describe him as a stalker since he is going to come to the place you’ve told him you were going and act like it is not creepy. Or he might start writing in capital letters (this is the web version of screaming) just because it took you a couple of hours to respond.

This is not the kind of guy you should communicate with. Block him. Period.

5. The Drugs Guy

I am not going to state the obvious and tell you that drugs are bad for you. Obviously, they are. I am just going to tell you that you should stay away from guys who look for sex under the influence of them.

Just thing about it for a minute. Going to a stranger’s home to have fun is kind of dangerous already –I mean, he is really a stranger. What is more dangerous, though, is going to a stranger’s house to do drugs while you don’t know how this stranger is when he is high.

I know, you can do whatever you want with your life and I am not going to judge if you or they want to do drugs, drink alcohol etc. However, you cannot really deny the fact that being with someone you know nothing about and, at the same time, is high can prove dangerous.

Plus, most of the times, these guys just want to find drugs for free. The fact that they usually ask if you have any drugs is not just an ice-breaker question.

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6. The Ghost

Oh, my God. This is the worst kind of them all. Okay, there might be some serial killers in these apps too, but ghosts are definitely the most frustrating ones. Just try to picture this scenario which, between me and you, is totally common:

You’ve been talking with a guy for a couple of days. You ask him out and he cannot make it because he already has some plans. Okay. Shit happens. Your dream guy can wait for a day or two. Then you ask him out again and he says “Sure!” WITH AN EXCLAMATION POINT! The day has come and, four hours before your date, he sends you a text saying he can’t make it. Surprisingly, it happens again. And again. And again.

I hate to be the party pooper, but he will never make it. This guy is a ghost and just enjoys receiving compliments and attention. You’ve guessed it right. You should definitely block him. Most likely, he is just someone who is using a model’s pictures or something.

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7. The Visitor

Oh, don’t get me wrong. I really respect the idea of hanging out with visitors. I mean you are not just looking for some “foreign blood” but you are also helping them explore a place they are not familiar with and have some fun at the same time. What bothers me, though, are those visitors who are not real visitors, after all. You set up a date, you get dressed, you furnish your language skills, and DADAAA the visitor can perfectly talk in your language saying that their mother is from your country or something.

Well, guess what. They are not real visitors. They are just saying they are because visitors are more popular in gay hookup apps. It’s happened to every single person I know –especially in the country I currently live in (Greece) where tourist during summer are everywhere to be found.

Just have fun at the date, get back home and block them, guys. Lies should always be a turn-off.

8. The Social Media Butterfly

The latest update of any dating app, allows users to include their social media accounts in their profiles –which is totally cool because this way you can tell which guy is for real and which is just a fake. However, there are those guys I like to call “social media butterflies” because it’s like they have signed up for an account just to promote their personal social media.

How to track them down? They usually post their Instagram profile and have no face pic. When you ask for one they usually tell you to find them on Instagram which is (oh, what a coincidence) locked and you have to send a request in order to see more photos. And you do. Bam! You are another follower in a big following of people who just wanted to see a guy’s face but they end up turning them into influencers instead.

And who like being just another sheep in the herd?

Just so you know, guys, this is not an article mostly created for amusement, even though cases like these are not that rare. However, you should always be careful of the people you let into your life and separate the digital world from the real one. These two rarely meet. And when they do, we are talking about a huge deal-maker.