10 Types of Gay Kisses Decoded: Learn What His Kiss REALLY Means!

Gay Kissed Decoded!

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Gay kisses and meanings

There are probably more ways to kiss a guy than there are stars in the sky. How you kiss and what it means says something different about your feelings, be it during sex or on a casual date.

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The problem is when you are on the receiving end of a kiss, it can be hard to figure out his intent. This is particularly true if you are crushing on a man and getting your signals messed up.

Well don’t worry – here’s a handy field guide to the major types of gay kisses, plus how to read his smooch like a pro!


1. Quick peck on lips

This common type of kiss is often misread. The main reason a guy will give you this type of lip action is because he’s got stuff on his mind or is busy. But behind that peck, he’s basically saying, “I want to do more soon and maybe make out.”

If you are just getting to know one another, a peck can also communicate “We aren’t there yet but let’s continue to feel each other out.”


2. Long peck

When you get a long peck, it’s an indication he’s got real interest in you. This type of kiss means he’s testing the waters so see your reaction.

Pay special attention if he looks into your eyes. He’s signaling that he’s really into you and wants more than a roll in the sack.


3. Woodpecker 

If you get a rapid series of quick kisses, don’t read it the wrong way. When a man gives you a woodpecker kiss, he’s basically saying he doesn’t have time in that moment to take it to the next level.

Plus, if it’s morning, he might need to rinse out his mouth and take care of “morning breath”.


4. French Kiss (Basic)

When you get the standard French kiss, this means you may be on the way to something substantive. French kisses involve tongue action and communicate, “I want to do a lot more with you.”


5. French Kiss (Lizard)

If the man you are with is darting his tongue in and out of your mouth in rapid succession, it’s called a lizard kiss. Yep, if it conjures up mental imagery of a gecko, you are on the right track.

In almost all instances, this is an indication that he wants to mess around and looking to top you! After all, he’s aggressively darting in and out.


6. Eating your face French Kiss

If you ever get a kiss when a man is basically sucking in your entire face, it’s an obvious sign he’s looking to get it on.

But this type of kiss – sometimes referred to as a saliva beard – is a strong signal that he wants to bottom.

Think about it.

Why do you think he’s opening up his mouth hole so much? The symbolism is pretty obvious.


7. Long passionate kiss

Out of all of the kisses mentioned here, the long passionate kiss is the most desired. In almost all instances, he will pull you close and slowly seduce your mouth with his lips and tongue.

Like the long peck, look for eye contact. If he’s giving you a serious, romantic kiss, while gazing directly into your eyes and isn’t trying to touch your junk, he has very strong feelings for you.


8. Kiss and lick

Have you ever been kissed by a guy who licks on your ears and gently pushes his tongue around your face? This is a strong indication that he’s looking to spoon and cuddle.

Take this as a sign that he wants to get his romance on. And yes, he’s looking to make love to you!


8. Kiss and Grr

When a man kisses you and makes a “grr” or growling sign, he’s sending you strong alpha wolf signals that he wants to mess around in a versatile way.

Wolves usually telegraph their intent in advance by looking intently at you while making this type of noise. Get ready because he’s going to rock your world!


9. Kiss and bite

This type of kiss is intended to be playful. Gay otters and bears enjoy this nibble like approach to smooching because of their playful nature.

FYI: The bites are almost always gentle and send the message, “I want some foreplay”. Your best bet is to go along with it as a build up to heavier action.

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10. Forehead or cheek kiss

One type of kiss you don’t want to get is the forehead or cheek kiss. That’s because it’s a fairly strong indication he’s not into you.

But you have to put this one in context.

If you’ve been together for a while, it’s normal. However, if this is how he kisses you right off the bat and seems reluctant to touch his lips to yours, move on – quickly!

By: John Hollywood