Gay Man Beaten Repeatedly With Bike Chain

Bradley Skinner says he is the victim of a hate crime and revealed his attacker called him a “faggot”

A gay man has come forward to share detailes of a violent attack that put him in hospital last week. Mr. Bradley Skinner, 25, is a resident of the Mackay Region, Northern Queensland, Australia.

On Sunday April 15 he was out having dinner with his sister, Amanda. The two had earlier spent time having drinks and bowling at a club beforehand.

That’s when the attack happened:

“I was two bites into my pizza around when this young man I had never seen before slowly walked past us glaring at me,” Skinner told Daily Mail Australia.

“Then he called me a f****t as I looked up at him.”

Skinner revealed he has been taunted before in the past and decided to ignore the man. His sister, however, okay with the name calling and got up to ask the man why he would say such things.

It was then that the man struck Amanda on the side of the face. Seeing what happened, Bradley got up to confront the man. Moments later, the vicious attack happened.

“Mr Skinner said the man pulled out a bike chain after the pair exchanged a number of blows. As reported in the Daily Mail:

Credit: Daily Mail

“He started pelting me with it over and over again. He hit me from my upper legs up to my head. I kept trying to grab it and cover my face while he was swinging it at me,’ he said.

‘Once he hit me on the head for the last time, that’s when I fell to the ground and I don’t remember too much from then on.

‘I couldn’t open my eyes but I could hear so much yelling and screaming, I remember my stomach dry retching trying to vomit. Then I was thrown on my side so I didn’t choke, I imagine.’

Mr Skinner was rushed to Mackay Hospital with a laceration to his head and severe bruising to his arms and legs.

He was released the following day, but admitted himself back to hospital when he found it hard to stay steady on his feet and struggled to communicate.”

He is now taking time off work to fully recuperate at home.

Queensland cops have confirmed that they attended an incident at Domino’s in Rural View, Northern Beaches, and have spoken to a man about the incident. At this point in time no-one has been charged.

The investigation continues.