This Gay Math Question Had Twitter Going Crazy

A Gay Math Question?!

Bless the universe for gay math questions.

Former Ireland’s Got Talent 2018 Semi-finalist Paul Ryder tweeted out a question that has the internet pretty excited.

Ryder shared the image of a math question involving a gay couple. To go with that image, he captioned it, “Friend of mine is a teacher and just sent this to our WhatsApp group saying she’d never seen anything like it before.”

The specific question asks, “Craig buys his boyfriend a birthday present that costs €215.65 including VAT @ 13.5 percent. What was the original bill before VAT was added?”

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What’s great about this tweet and the math question found in a real textbook is that it normalizes same-sex relationships. It doesn’t make the gay couple out to be this big deal (even though it very much is), and it shows pride in just its everyday-ness.

Many people on twitter felt the same about the inclusion of the math question. Because of that, the original tweet has already earned 1,792 likes, 286 retweets, and 59 people talking about it.

And, of course, the people talking all had loving and funny things to say about the tweet.

To round it out, 30-year-old Paul Ryder shared an additional comment about the math question that sums it up for everyone.

“Makes me smile to see how far things have come since I was in school which was a shite experience for me.”

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