Are You a Gay Man That Dreams About Cheating?

gay dreaming cheating

Gay Cheating Dreams

Are you a gay man who dreams about other guys, even though you have a boyfriend? Do you feel bad about these dreams because you’re in a committed relationship? Have some of the dreams been so vivid that you have to remind yourself that none of it really happened?

If you answered yes to any or all of these questions, you wouldn’t be alone. Having dreams about cheating happens to be one of the most commonly reported types of dreams that a person can have.

But because the word “cheating” carries all sorts of negative connotations, these types of fantasies are often not discussed and therefore widely misunderstood.

So what’s really going on when you dream about cheating? Does is it matter what is happening in the dream, including specific acts? And what about the person who appears in your nighttime fantasies – is the imagery trying to tell you something?

Recently, we decided to consult the research on dreaming and explore, in the thematic sense, what cheating dreams really mean, particularly for gay men.

Let’s take a look!

Why am I dreaming about cheating?

When you have a dream about cheating, it can mean a number of different things. What’s important is to not judge the situation, no matter how vivid or real the experience may seem.

Your dream about cheating on your boyfriend may be an indication that:

  • You want something more from your current relationship
  • You have insecurities about your own ability to remain faithful
  • Unfinished business from a past relationship
  • You need a mental release from some dynamic happening with your man

Does the type of intercourse matter?

If you are able to recall specific acts with another man from your dreams, that’s probably significant on some level. However, it may be helpful for you to not focus so much on the act itself but instead, what the behavior symbolizes.

Common sex act themes include:

  • Riding some random guy may mean you need more fulfillment
  • Any dreams involving sucking may mean you are trying to satiate an emotional hole
  • Deep kissing is an indication that romance may be missing from your life
  • Positions that involve the traditional “69” may suggest a lack of symbiosis in your love life

Do the Guys I am Dreaming About Matter?

Many people who have cheating dreams experience difficulty in recalling the person’s face. If you are lucky enough to be able to do this and identify who the man is, you are ahead of the game. And so if you are dreaming about someone you know, it’s likely significant.

Here’s what dreaming about cheating with a guy you know could mean:

  • A secret fantasy or attraction you are holding on the subconscious level for that person.
  • A desire to obtain some characteristic of that individual you feel you do not possess
  • Potential unfinished business from a previous romance
  • An unmet emotional need that is being fulfilled by a man who is familiar to you

Final Thoughts

Most people, regardless of gender or sexual orientation, will experience dreams about infidelity. It’s normal and on some level, perhaps even healthy. What might help you is to put aside personal judgement about these fantasies and instead, embrace the dream material itself.


And remember, a dream is just that – a dream. It didn’t really happen. Well, that is unless some substance like Ambien was used that has caused you to experience temporary amnesia! Sweet dreams baby!