Gay Men Reveal Their Best Skin Care Tips and Beauty Secrets

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Everyone knows gay men know skin care

Skin care tips are a dime a dozen. But let’s face it, most of what’s out there is geared towards women. And the information that is targeted to men is often wrapped in hyper-masculine nonsense.

Come on – do we really need to hear about another “bro-lotion” or “man cream”? Here at GPB, we’ve long known that as a tribe, gay men know plenty about promoting younger looking skin – and without all of the BS from men’s magazines.

Rightly or wrongly, many of us spend a considerable amount of time and money investing in personal appearance. In fact, that’s what inspired this post.

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So just for fun, we decided to talk to gay men about their best skin care tips and pass them on to you. Some of what you’ll read may be old news. Other tips might shock you!

OK, check it out:

Henry (32)

No matter what, I never leave my house during the day without applying sunblock. Even if it’s cloudy outside, I put some on. No need for pricey stuff. Just make sure it’s 15 SPF or higher.

Don’t forget the ears because they get sunspots too!

Michael (41)

People say I look 10 years younger than my age. I think a lot of it is genetics. But I’m a firm believer in using Cetaphil products for cleansing and moisturizing.

I’ve been their stuff forever and am very pleased.

Randy (52)

When I was a kid, my mom used to apply an oatmeal honey mask. She always looked fantastic. The recipe is simple. Rolled oats, honey and an egg. That’s it.

You can find it online and make the entire thing for just a bucks. Guaranteed to help your skin look younger and less oily!

Timothy (22)

Until a year ago, I had a lot of acne. My dermatologist had me on all sorts of antibiotics, plus special face soap. But then I met a guy who is a dietician and he suggested I start the paleo diet.

Guess what? It worked.

My face cleared up and I don’t have all of the bumps. Turns out diet is important to what your face looks like. At least it does for me.

Jake (39)

My routine is very simple. I splash my face in the morning with warm water. At night, I use a gentle cleanser to remove debris from the day.

After that, I apply a Rugged and Dapper face moisturizer. Once a week, I exfoliate with something gentle. Lately, I’ve been using a black sugar facial scrub. Works great!



Bill (55)

First, I’m careful to avoid too much sunlight. Second, I make sure to do each day is to drink a gallon or water. Not only does it help me to keep the weight off, it also removes a lot of the toxins from my body.

My dermatologist told me eons ago that water washes a lot of this out when you pee. But you have to drink plenty of water for it work. The end result is a more hydrated face and less wrinkles.

Sam (36)

For my body, I use Cetaphil’s body moisturizer. For my face, I use an Olay’s anti-aging moisturizer. And every night before bed, I dab on Midnight Recovery Eye Concentrate to keep away circles and bags.

This routine works like a charm!

Phil (47)

First, sound sleep is a must. That’s the real secret to younger looking skin. Ten years ago, I learned that a pillow was causing an allergic reaction. In turn, that was puffing up my face and making me lose sleep.

I bought a hypoallergenic pillow and within a few weeks, my skin looked much healthier. Plus, I slept more restfully.

Nobody told me this tip. I had to figure it all out on my own. You can get these pillows at most bedding stores.

John (57)

When I was in my 30’s, a friend of mine suggested I start using a collagen type mask. I was leery because people make all sorts of claims when it comes to beauty secrets.

All I can say is that it worked for me. I might not look like I’m in my 30’s anymore but I also don’t come off as an old, dried up troll!


Abel (42)

I’ve been desperately trying to preserve my looks since my late 20’s. So far, I’ve had good luck with a number of over the counter products. But the most important thing I’ve done is keep alcohol use to a minimum!

Alcohol dries the living crap out of your skin and robs it of moisture. It also screws up collagen production. You need that to keep your skin plump and supple.

If you want to look younger – or like a hot DILF – skip the nightly glasses of wine. Avoid hard whiskeys like the plague! Same for vodkas, which do nothing but cause heavy bags around the eyes.

This has worked for me and is the best advice I can give, particularly to younger guys.

Ethan (37)

Working out three times a week at a minimum is my secret. Long ago, I learned that if you put on weight and then lose it, your skin sags and can even wrinkle.

I guess this isn’t much of a secret but a lot of guys don’t know this.

Terrance (51)

If you smoke, you are wrinkling your skin badly. When I quit cigs 15 years ago, I immediately noticed a big difference in how my face looked.

The wrinkles stopped forming and my face no longer looked dull and tired. If you are looking for a reason to quit, don’t be afraid to lean on vanity. Whatever works.