5 Reasons I Love Getting Swallowed By Gay Men

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Getting swallowed is my favorite! But a lot of gay men think I’m boring. Here’s why I like it.

By: Nick B in Portland

For as long as I can remember, I’ve gotten a huge rush out of feeding another guy my man juice. I know it’s not the most exciting activity in the world. In fact, I get rejected by a lot by guys on Grindr and Scruff when they ask what I’m into and I reply with:

“A little bit of muscle worship. After that, I like standing up, unzipping my jeans and letting a guy service me until I nut in his mouth.”

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Around 80% of the time, the responses I get back range from “That’s it?” to “Don’t you want to top or bottom?” My answer to them is pretty much, “Not really.”

Hey, it’s not like I don’t get into other things. On occasion, I will top a guy. But it’s just not my favorite activity.

I can imagine some reading this will think I’m super boring and maybe even selfish. That’s OK. I might think the same thing too. However, I’m just trying to be honest with you.

Here are my five reasons why I like getting swallowed by gay men. And I say “gay men” because earlier in my life, before I accepted myself as gay, I slept with women. No offense to any ladies reading this but gay men do a much better job with oral!

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Oh a little about me. I’m in my mid 30’s with blondish features and have an athletic build. I’m not super-hot but I’m also not ugly. And while I’ve never used a ruler to measure it, I’m probably close to 7.5 and thick.

Here we go:


1. I like being dominant

Probably the biggest reason I like getting drained out is because I get to exert dominance. When a guy is going down on my stick, I can be super verbal while he does his thing.

I’m not one to insult or call people “b*tch”. But I do like asking, “Do you like that boy?” and having the guy say, “Yes daddy” back while he’s on his knees.

For foreplay, I like a little bit of muscle worship. You know, where the guy licks my biceps, deltoids, pecs and abs. That really gets me going!

2. The way it feels

Some guys like the sensation of bottoming. Other men find topping to be more their thing. That’s cool – we all have our favorites. But for me, there’s nothing like the sensation of pumping out a few squirts in a warm mouth. It just drives me nuts!

And letting a guy feel the groove of my abs tightening while I pump out the milk even makes it hotter.

3. Eye contact during the eruption

If you really want to experience a total turn on, I encourage you to let a guy go down on you and at the moment of release, look into his eyes. It’s extremely intoxicating.

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FYI: If he knows what he’s doing, he won’t flinch while I’m feeding him. And if he really digs it, he’ll even smile a bit and have a twinkle in his eye. To me, that’s just powerfully hot.

If the guy has facial hair that I can touch while he’s siphoning out my milk, it’s turns me into a geyser – big time. Woof!

4. Releasing together

Some of my best drains have happened when the guy times his release to mine. My favorite question while he’s working my load out is: “Are you almost there?”

That tells me that he’s on the edge of eruption!

But it’s also a green light for me to get ready and squirt out my milk. There’s nothing like watching a guy swallow every drop while he’s simultaneously splattering all over a hardwood floor.

Just thinking about that now makes me want to grab my oral simulator toy!

5. I’m inside of him

The last reason I love letting a guy swallow my load is that I know I’m inside of him. Yep, when he drains me out and takes my milk down his throat, I know there’s a living part of me inside of his body.

And I also get the satisfaction of knowing that my man juice is making its way through his digestive system. That may sound sick but it’s also true.

I’ve read other gay focused websites and noticed that a lot of gay men like swallowing. But very few people talk about being swallowed. I guess that’s what inspired this piece in the first place.

So here’s my question; something you can answer in a poll. Do you like getting swallowed or swallowing?

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  • Jon

    Nick – unload in my mouth all you want!! Love making a guy cum all over my face or down my throat…next time you are in San Francisco….

  • SexyThrtFckDeepThrt

    Nick, wish you were in New York. I love swallowing but like you said very few guys are into just that alone. Hit me up if you ever visit NYC.

    • JerzeeMike

      I second that!!!

  • Some of my best drains have happened when the guy times his release to mine. My favorite question while he’s working my load out is: “Are you almost there?”

    That must be good.

  • Joey D

    I very much can relate to what you wrote man. I’m into the same thing. Hard to find guys that are into just doing that.

    • L J

      Damn Joey, where are ya?

  • Paul Kassel

    I am happy for the guy, but eating baby batter is tremendously hotter when it’s mutual. If a guy wants to suck your dick and you let him, you are not dominating him. You would be dominating him if you didn’t let him.

  • Alex C

    Who is this guy. I wanna meet him. Im a bottom but my absolute favorite is giving head and swallowing.

  • Darren Wooding

    I’d let him feed me.