gay muscle hunk

Gay Muscle Hunks are Hot!

Into gay muscle hunks? Do you like veiny, vascular guys that like showing off their bods? Are you a man who enjoys servicing gay muscle hunks and watching them squirt?

I sure do. In fact, I could spend hours on my knees worshiping these guys because they really get me going. Maybe you can relate?

Slap me silly and call me stupid but there’s just something about gay muscle hunks that works me up. Maybe it’s their bulging biceps? Perhaps it’s their scrumptious bubble butts?

All I can tell you is that getting a hot guy to shoot out his nut is like heaven for me.

If you are into this type of thing, I’d like to share 10 stories about gay muscle hunks worth reading. Now I won’t lie. Some of the following falls into the NSFW department. I’m mentioning this so that you can find a place to read (like not at work) in a safe way.

OK – let’s jump right in!

1. Gay muscle worship

The best place to start out is by learning about gay muscle worship. This is a fairly quick read that walks you through the basics of body adornment.

Part of the article explores the concept of “siphoning”; which is really a round-about way to say swallowing. Obviously, this one should be viewed in the privacy of your home.

Read about gay muscle worship

2. Hooking up with a muscle bear

If you ask me, muscle bears get a bad rap. Sadly, they’re often pegged as being overweight and out of shape. The truth is most of them are extremely hot.

This story is about a gay couple who travels to Palm Springs for an extended holiday. During their stay, they run into hairy stud the form of a bear. Cute and yummy at the same time!

Read about meeting a gay muscle bear

3. Servicing a muscle daddy

This is another term that means all sorts of things to different people. To me, a muscle daddy is a man who is over 35 with a fairly cut body. People who call these men “daddy” usually are younger gay men looking for older.

In this story, read about how a 21-year old guy had repeated hookups with a gay muscle hunk in the form of a dad. If you dig stories about old and young, this one is absolutely for you!

Read about dating a muscle daddy

gay muscle hunks
Gay muscle hunks are hot!

4. Gay Muscle Hunk with Hair

I’m a sucker for a guy with a hairy chest. More so if the dude is built with a really big stick (if you follow me). That’s why this story about Matthew Camp is incredibly hot!

Now I’m going to tell you now that this one is not for the faint of heart. It’s also a read you shouldn’t click on at work. That’s because it has some pics with links that are NSFW.

Read Matthew Camp with nothing on

5. Why muscle men flex and squirt

Have you ever noticed that some gay muscle hunks like to flex before blowing their load? Are you curious about what’s going on there?

Turns out that guys do this for many reasons, including scientific ones. Seriously, they do! If you are looking for something delish to read while learning new facts, you’ve got to check this article out.

Learn why men flex before ejaculating

6. Military Muscle

Do you dig military guys? Into men who like to give orders and don’t take no for an answer? If you are nodding your head yes, you’ll love reading this!

The article is about a guy in the service who has a dream about his muscular master sergeant. Think being tested, planes and survival. Probably NSFW.

Draining out Master Sergeant

military man bulging biceps
Gay muscle hunk stories fun to read

7. Jake Burton Fitness Coach

Do you have fantasies about doing your personal trainer? Do you like guys with furry chests and bulging biceps? Into men who also sport a beard.

If you answered yes to any (or all) of these, the linked story below is a must read That’s because it’s all about Jake Burton. Think adult entertainment and making a career change. Super-hot gay muscle stud!

Read Jake Burton interview

8. The Other Kris Evans

Did you know there are two famous Kris Evans? Yep, it’s true. The one who is mega-watt popular is a Hollywood actor. He spells his first name with a “C”.

And then there’s the other fellow.

His name is Kris too but spells it with a “K”. And let me tell you, he’s one of the hottest gay muscle hunks on the planet!

Read about Kris Evans here

gay muscle hunks
Ever do a gay muscle hunk?

9. Gay for Pay Confessions

Not too long ago, an article appeared on the blog that explored why straight guys turn into gay muscle hunks – for pay. There’s an old saying that everyone has a price. Turns out that’s mostly true.

In this read, learn about 10 hot guys who accepted cash in exchange for fun. Yes, we’re talking about straight men sucking here.

The gay for pay stories

10. Gay Bodybuilder

There’s something about gay bodybuilders that flip my switch. I can only speak for myself when I say that I’m constantly touching myself while seeing them at the gym.

Or in the locker room.

This story is about a body builder who likes to put on shows for other men. His only rule is don’t touch! Kind of a dreamy gay muscle hunk story if you ask me.

Read gay bodybuilder dude here