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Gay Romance Novels Recommendations

Gay romance novels offer male readers an oasis away from a busy and straight difficult world. Here at GPB, we’ve long been huge fans! Who doesn’t like to curl up with a steamy tale about a pair of hunks who find love, despite impossible odds?

But can we level with you on this one? We also like reading gay romance novels because we’re helping to promote gay authors. After all, one of the missions of this blog is to support folks in our community.

Plus, gay novels help to tell gay stories in ways that just aren’t possible through traditional channels. While some books are heavy on male erotica, others focus on matters of the heart, like crushes, relationships and in some cases – bromance.

You may not know this but gay romance novels also act as a kind of cultural barometer. For example, what used to be considered fiction a decade ago could very well be non-fiction today.

Here’s why: As our society continues to evolve on the LGBTQ matters, so do the narratives.

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Given our interest in this topic, we decided to review 10 gay romance novels and pass our findings on to website visitors. Yes, we’ve read each and every book listed below and in some cases, twice.

Our hope in passing on these gay treasures is to spark your interest without giving away the candy store. Some of these novels are steamier than others – meaning that have adult content that’s heavy on mental imagery.

Best Gay Romance Novels Disclaimer

We’ve tried to include a little something for everyone. But before we present our list of 10, we just want to say there’s really no way for us to list all of the best gay novels in this one post.

The truth is, there are TONS of great books out there! What we encourage you to do is check out the different offerings on Amazon to see what speaks to you.

What follows are some of the best gay novels we’ve ever read. All are contemporary and set in the modern era. Most are available for immediate download to your tablet or other electronic device.

We hope you find like!

1. Straight

If you like books about guys who identify as straight suddenly realizing they might be attracted to another man, Straight is a great read. The book tells the tale of a young heterosexual jock named Henry who breaks up with his longtime girlfriend.

To help him get cope, he leans into his buddy Ty – and learns things about himself he never knew before. There’s a slow burn with the plot, that culminates into something yummy and memorable!

Click: Straight

2. Love on Fire

There’s just something sexy about firemen. If you’re the type of guy who fantasizes about uniformed muscle, Love on Fire is for you. This story tells the tale of a straight fire fighter named Clay who has long standing feelings for his openly gay friend, Ezra.

Through a series of events, the two are drawn closer until the ultimate moment arrives. This is a steamy, racy romance novel that’s sure to get your heart pumping – and more!

Click: Love on Fire

3. Don’t Ask

Into military men? Like guys that are outwardly masculine but sensitive inside? If so, you will want to pick up a copy of Don’t Ask.

This story tells the tale of Sergeant Ryan Garry, a gay man who has learned to keep his sexual orientation quit after years of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell.

Things change when he meets Angel, an impossibly hot solider who he connects with during a tour of Iraq. This is a yummy, attention grabbing read filled with adult content. It also has a “happily ever after” conclusion. Super cute!

Click: Don’t Ask

4. Tight End

Sports romances are super-hot, particularly when there is a gay theme. In the book Tight End, you’ll read about out of the closet NFL star Tad Roarke; a player who is being stalked by an anti-gay serial killer.

The FBI assigns him a body guard named Bryce Finnegan – a guy that Tad can’t stand. And the feelings are mutual.

But as the plot thickens and the danger increases, Bryce fights back feelings of attraction and worries about falling in love with the NFL hunk. This book was so good that we read it twice!

Click: Tight End

5. Crossroads

Books that feature plots about first time gay experiences are always fun to read. That’s why we really enjoyed Crossroads. This one tells the tale of Nick, a man who recently divorced his wife after first getting together at 17.

He is determined to create positive change after the split and embarks on a new life path. That’s when he meets his new, super attractive neighbor, Bryce.

Their personalities are so different, which only draws the men closer together. And there’s something each guy learns from one another, which pulls at the heart. This book is a real page turner and one you will come to treasure.

Click: Crossroads

6. Bump This

One of the things we like about Bump This is how the story speaks to African American readers in a realistic way, devoid of common stereotypes.

In this book, you’ll read about Keith, an 18-year old high school student living in Harlem. As part of his journey of self-discovery, he finds himself in a serious love triangle with cousins Jesse and Derrick.

This story is heavy on plot and even heavier on “steamy”. We really couldn’t put this one down because the material was so captivating. And yes – there’s a lot of adult content.

Click: Bump This

7. Alone for Christmas

Have you ever had a bad crush on your boss? Did you find it hard to hide your feelings? If so, you’re going to love Alone for Christmas.

This cute read tells the tale of Noah, a young man who has longed for his boss, Chip, for nearly two years. But because of life circumstances, the two never really got to know one another. But that all changed during an office Christmas party.

We like this one because it’s got a great mixture of romance and steam. Plus, it has a nice ending!

Click: Alone for Christmas

8. Keep Me Still

Do you like bad boy stories? How about tales of men who are in real trouble, running from the law because of criminal activity? If so, you’re going to like Keep Me Still.

This read tells the tale of Travis, a guy whose life is out of control and is in real danger of falling through the cracks. Things change when he meets Cody, an attractive, strong and dominant man.

Try as he might to resist his feelings for Cody, he can’t keep his bad boy persona in check. When he surrenders himself totally to Cody, he realizes the true meaning of what it’s like to be loved. But as the plot thickens, Travis discovers Cody isn’t exactly who he says he is.

Heavy on romance and close, intimate scenes, Keep Me Still is a must read!

Click: Keep Me Still

9. Just Drive

You never know who you’ll meet when you call for a cab. That’s why Just Drive is so captivating. Set in a small Navy town, cabbie Shawn is dispatched to pick up a fare at a cheap motel. When his passenger Paul gets into the car, it’s obvious from the get go something is up. That’s because Paul doesn’t want to be driven to any specific place, telling Shawn to “Just Drive”.

And that’s exactly what they do – until the two pull over to a quiet pier, which ultimately leads to an extremely hot hookup. From there, the plot only thickens.

What we liked about this book is the older, younger dynamic. Plus, the man on man action created great mental imagery. If you like romance, action and adventure, you’ll love Just Drive.

Click: Just Drive

10. The Jewel of the Colorado

Like gay romance novels filled with hot guys, romance and a good mystery? If so, you’re going to totally dig Jewel of the Colorado. Well, we least we did!

The book tells the tale of Evan Carlson, a bank employee who learns that one of Colorado’s most valuable diamonds will be appraised at his financial institution. That’s when he meets Jacob Sanders; a studly cowboy who requests that Evan be present during the appraisal.

Sparks fly when the two men realize they are attracted to one another. And things become more intense when the diamond goes missing. Together, the boys go on the hunt for the missing jewel and explore one another in the process.

This book combines yummy, sexy, mysterious and hot all into one giant swirl!

Click: The Jewel of the Colorado


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