Why Mature Gay Men Are Best at Oral

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Some of the best BJ’s I’ve ever received are by guys who are a lot older than me. You should try it.

By: Nick in Miami

There’s no easy way to say it so I’ll just come out with it. I love getting BJ’s from random, older guys in the steam room and sauna. I’ll pretty much let anyone go down on me. That’s right. I’m not one of those precious princesses who has a bunch of requirements.

Here is why …

When you allow yourself to be uninhibited, you learn a bunch of new things about yourself. In my case, I’ve discovered that some of the best head that’s out there is given by older guys.

What do I mean by older? Well, I’m talking about men who are in their mid-40’s up to their 60’s.

Don’t get me wrong – I like hooking up with dudes who are my age (25). But so many of them are novices when it comes to the whole BJ thing that it can be more trouble than what it’s worth. It stinks having to whisper to a guy, “Hey, be careful with your teeth!”

Now with older guys, you really don’t have to worry about it. In my experience, most all of them have spent years perfecting their technique. Hand and mouth coordination are important, you know? There’s just some skills you can only acquire through experience.

That’s why I like letting older gay dudes drain me out at the sauna. They totally rock!

Hey, it wasn’t always this way for me. I used to be super particular about who I would let touch me. But a friend of mine named Evan (also a f-buddy) who introduced me to voyeurism helped me to understand that I was sabotaging own experiences by putting up barriers.

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I’ll never forget the day I decided to heed his advice and just go with the flow.

We were both hanging out in the sauna at a local gym, which happens to have mostly gay clientele. Mind you, this is not my normal gym but instead, one of those places where you can buy day passes. It’s long had a reputation for “action” if you know what I mean.

Anyway, as we sat wrapped in towels and chatted about nothing, he told me to just sit back and chillax while he did his thing. “Just watch what I do and go with it,” he said.

I had done group things before with Evan so this was nothing new. Usually, we would get a few people together from Grindr that we agreed upon at his place and have some fun. But this would be the first time I would see him in this light.

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At some point, the door to the sauna opened and this older bear that was probably in his late 50’s walked in. It felt kind of awkward at first because he kept looking at us. I was thinking, “OK, what’s going to happen?”

Well, it didn’t take long to find the answer out.

Evan was true to his word. He unraveled the towel that was covering his midsection, revealing a fully engorged pork sword. As he stroked it a little, he looked directly at the bear who had just walked in.

Speaking of bears, they are good at sniffing out meat, aren’t they?

Anyway …

In a matter of no time, the guy was going down on him like a he was drilling for oil. As I sat there and watched, I couldn’t help but notice that I was getting super excited. This took me by surprise because the man that was doing Evan really wasn’t my type – not even remotely!

Not to be a jerk but he was a lot older than us, not particularly attractive, and sort of fat. But still, I was extremely turned on.

While this was happening, several other guys had walked in and took their respective places. Some of them watched and pleasured themselves while others acted like nothing was going on.

Except it was.

That Evan wasn’t bothered by all of these strangers standing around made things strangely more erotic.

And so I figured if he could do it, so could I.

I followed Evan’s lead and began to touch myself. Believe it or not, I was already leaking.

No less than 60-seconds later, a heavy bear in his forties stepped forward. He gave me a quick look, grabbed my wang and started going down on it. This was my first time ever doing something like this and I know I was very nervous.

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But the guy was doing such an amazing job working my stick that the anxiety I had kind of went away.

Evan nutted first, with the bear guzzling down his honey milk. A minute or two later, I released. While I never saw how much I exploded (the guy swallowed it up) I could tell that it was a lot. I guess being uninhibited like that did it for me.


Since that very first time, I have really learned that older guys seriously know what they are doing. Well, OK, maybe not all of them but the majority of them do.

And what’s great about letting someone you normally wouldn’t be attracted to suck on you is you don’t have to worry about reciprocating.

Not once have I had someone in this type of situation ask to return the favor.

So it’s like this guys. The next time you are horned up and want to get some action, don’t waste a bunch of time using the hookup apps. Just head to your local gay friendly gym (or bathhouse) and chill out in the sauna.

If you play your cards right, you might experience one of the most powerful orgasms of your life. That’s because older dudes do it best!


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  1. My very first blowjob was in a sauna, from an older guy. That first blowjob is probably still the best I’ve ever had. Dude was amazing.

    • Mine was in a steam room but same thing. I should go back to my old gym and see if I can get lucky.

  2. Hmm, interesting read. I don’t agree with this yet I don’t disagree either. I’ve had a fair amount of time spent with older dudes and it wasn’t all cookies and ice cream. Maybe I just didn’t always meets the nice ones. Most of them were very demanding, didn’t seem to pay attention to any of the subtle sounds and notes I was trying to make known without actually having to verbalize it and for the worse part inadvertantly piss off the guy I was with.

    Now even though just “going with the flow” can be fun and exciting, I still have some of the same hang ups and inhibitions I had a few years back when I was younger and more out there that still keep me a bit standoff’ish to certain things. Some things I guess I just can’t give into or let go off.

    = )

  3. I have to disagree with this. In my experience older guys on average are terrible at blowjobs. Usually they get tired quickly, it’s like taking an old beat up car to the race track and just forcing it to complete a lap. The old clunker just stalls out before you get to the finish line. they don’t have much consideration for the one getting the blowjob. They like to enjoy having the younger guys dick in their mouth with little consideration for their needs. Not only that if you’re not enjoy yourself and you want to leave they will get aggressive into making sure you stay so they can take full advantage of you. You try to get up and leave because it’s just not working for you and they will hold you down. On the few times I’ve tried to give the older guys a chance and see what they can do they are always very greedy and wouldn’t let me leave when I wasnt enjoying myself, I would pull my dick out of their mouth and they would grab onto my dick and shove it right back in their mouth’s then I have to actually force them off of me. They don’t pay attention to the cues and body language that communicate that you don’t want to do this and they just keep doing what they want to do. Go ahead, call me ageist and shallow, I don’t care. I’m not an overly sensitive walking anxiety attack waiting to happen like most people are nowadays.

    Now I’m sure this isn’t true for all older men but that has been my experience in the few times I’ve tried it. And I’m sure you could say I just ran into a few jerks, but I really don’t feel like chancing it anymore. Too many assholes. Guys around my age are better in my experience, they aren’t as desperate so they don’t do all they can to keep you with them and if they are good at what they do then they have the stamina to back it up.

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