10 Gay Web Series That Are Fun to Watch!

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Gay Web Series Picks!

Gay representation in media is extremely important. It’s practically the next frontier.

As such, we praise gay representation in all forms. Whether it’s in fantasy roles like Beauty and the Beast’s LeFou or in more realistic drama like King Cobra.

But Hollywood movies aren’t the only place you can find great gay representation. You can find them on your small screens too through web series.

There are plenty of web series from around the globe which are all about LGBTQ life and love. From the viral sensation that scared the Chinese government to an American classic that’s currently trying to get on tv.

Here is a list of 10 great gay web series all about gay life, love, and sex.

gay web series picks
Gay Web Series Picks

1. #Adulting

This web series came out last year and laughed its way to fame. The premise of this dramedy is a mix of “Will and Grace” with “Seinfeld.”

The story follows best friends Max and Faye. They’re two twenty somethings who are trying to figure out their lives. The show follows them in their everyday lives and presents them in hilarious and entertaining ways.

The web series was created by Ben Baur and Thandi Tolmay who also star in the lead roles. The first season is only 6 episodes long, so it’s easy to catch up with all that’s going on with Max and Faye.

2. Hanging Out

This is another new web series, but this one started earlier this year.

The series follows David on a night when he’s just looking for a Grindr hookup. He then finds himself in the wrong place at the right time as he shows up to the wrong apartment and walks into the lives of his 5 new best friends. It also helps that he’s into one of the friends named Adrian.

This Filipino web series is all about friendship, sex, and dating in the 21st century. The series is honest in its talk about making friends, losing friends, hooking up, and even getting tested. Watch it and enjoy.

3. Dustane

This is a mini-series that was produced by Buzzfeed. The story follows a relationship between two young twenty somethings as they go through the motions. They start off as a Grindr hookup, then they make it official, before eventually becoming a long-distance relationship.

Adding to that, this short series is coincidentally staring an interracial couple without ever making a big deal of it. That goes a long way in giving representation to interracial couples (both straight and gay).

If you’re interested in watching the video series then watch the videos in this order: “Thoughts Everyone Has Before a Hookup,” “The Moment it Becomes More Than a Hookup,” “When Your Relationship Makes You Better,” “The Moment Your Relationship Becomes Official,” “When You’re Jealous of an Ex,” and “The Moment it Becomes Long Distance.”

4. Where the Bears Are

This American web series was created by Rick Copp, Joe Dietl and Ben Zook, and is a great mix of “Golden Girls” and “Murder, She Wrote.”

The story follows roommates Nelson Dorkoff, Reggie Hatch, and Wood Burns (played by the creators) who wake up after a big party at their house to find a new bed companion with Nelson and sadly a dead body in their home.

This web series is so beloved that it has won the Best Gay Web Series awards from both Queerty and AfterElton Plus, it keeps getting renewed for new seasons by loving fans who back the series on not one or two, but 4 separate Kickstarters. In fact, the series just succeeded in funding a sixth season.

5.  Heroin or Addicted the Web Series

This Chinese web series was a viral hit around this time last year, and sadly most of the western world was completely oblivious to it. The series became so popular that the Chinese government, which has vague censorship rules that state that immoral content cannot be shown in their media, decided to ban this series and prohibit it from producing a second season.

Anything that gets that much heat from the Chinese government has to be good.

The series follows a high school love story between characters Gu Hai and Luo Yin. Whose names together sound like heroin. Thus the title.

Gu Hai comes from a privileged family but is fighting with his father because of his mother’s mysterious death and his father’s fast remarriage. To spite his father Gu Hai transfers to a school in a poor neighborhood. It’s there that he meets the smart but curt Luo Yin (who also happens to be the son of Gu Hai’s new step-mother).

The two (while not realizing their connection) quickly become addicted to each other, and start off as rivals before becoming friends and then lovers.

6. About Him

UPDATE: Signal23 has decided to make About Him pay-per-view only.

Watch out, this one is not one for the faint of heart. This American web series is all about exploring one’s sexuality and it took the Black community by storm.

It follows young Damien in the ‘90s. Damien’s just coming into his own and deep within the closet. Then one day a friend of his brother comes over to their house to play. It didn’t take long for Damien to realize however that the person this friend wanted to play with wasn’t his brother, but was Damien himself.

About Him was created by independent studio Signal 23 Television which tries to create gay representation for the Black community.

Once again, this is a NSFW show and gets quite graphic in its portrayal of a young gay man exploring his sexuality. Viewers be warned.

7. Yandaixiejie No. 10

This is another Chinese web series that took over the Asian internet this past year. The series is about the friendship turned relationship between a quirky author and a pet store owner.

Yandiexiejie No. 10, or YanDaiXie Street No. 10, is about Hang Hang (the pet store owner) who one day meets his online pen pal the weird but earnest Liang Ze. The story follows how their friendship turns into a romance that then hits some rocky waters.

Adding to that, the story is based off of a two-part book series, which leaves room for a second season should the production team (and the Chinese government) allow it.

8. My gay Roommate

For the next three entries, we’re going to talk about classic (and campy) Gay web series. The first is My Gay Roommate which debuted in 2012 and has sense had two sequel seasons.

The goofy series follows Nick, a campy socialite who loves clean spaces, sex, and a good time. Each season watches him as he rooms and bonds with a new person. The first season is about his college roommate, the second is about a summer break with his mother, and the third is about his first apartment roommate.

This series was one of the first gay web series to become popular and is now even on the move to something greater. The show’s creator and star Noam Ash joined together with the production company Ish Entertainment to produce a pilot for a My Gay Roommate TV show. They even had a Kickstarter to help beef up the budget.

The show’s premise will be similar but slightly twisted. It will still star a gay roommate named Nick, but it will focus on only his college life with his multiple roommates and friends in a great, campy fashion.

9.   Drama Queenz

This is another web series that is a staple in the Gay, Black community. The story is about three friends who struggle through love drama and with their jobs as aspiring artists.

Drama Queez is an award winning series that started in 2009. The story is funny, heartwarming, and a great look at life for gay Black men. The series is on hiatus right now, so that gives you plenty of time to catch up and watch all three seasons that are out already.

Hunting Season – Season 1, Episode 1 from The Story Dept on Vimeo.

10. Hunting Season

Lastly, we’ve come to Hunting Season. Hunting Season is another American web series, but this one has a familiar face. That’s right, Ben Baur from #Adulting also starred in this web series.

The web series, based off the blog-turned-book called The Great Cock Hunt, follows Ben’s character Alex, a columnist who struggles in his work life and blossoms in his sex life, and his group of friends in a “Sex and the City” like drama.

Like About Him, this is a web series with a NSFW label. Also like About Him, you can watch the censored version for free, or you can buy an uncensored version for more detailed exploits.

Go ahead and check out one of these shows. Enjoy the web series and enjoy the gay representation.

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