Guillermo Suarez Gil Is The Bear We All Want To Play With

Guillermo Suarez Gil

It’s time for a little bear love.

On GayPopBuzz, and basically every other gay site (let’s be honest), we always talk about the muscular jock type of men. Occasionally, we talk about how hot twinks are, and then even rarer are the times we talk about bears.

Well, today you’re going to get something different, because we’re going to talk about one hot bear you should know about.

Guillermo Suarez Gil is a Venezuelan go-go dancer and adult entertainer.

Through all the connections he’s made through that work, he now also boasts having nearly 22,000 followers on Instagram. (Of course, all of the pics of him shirtless or hanging out with other bears might be doing the trick to).

Besides working the gay night life, the New Jersey resident is also a professional who’s worked as an office manager, and trained briefly as a practical nurse.

But outside of his work, Guillermo Suarez Gil is just a fun guy who likes to enjoys having fun with family and friends.

But you can see that for yourselves down below.

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