Gus Kenworthy’s A Meat Sandwich For The Matt & Dan Season 2 Fundraiser

Gus Kenworthy’s A Meat Sandwich

Funny gay web series Matt & Dan is trying to fundraise its season 2, and we can’t stop laughing. No, that’s not some bitchy, sarcastic joke. It’s because their fundraising video is just so creative and hilarious.

The premiere of Matt & Dan’s first season came to us this past March and was a success. Now with the first season behind them, the series creators Matt Wilkas and Daniel Vincent Gordh, are looking to kickstart the second season.

The hilarious video below shows the two, who also star as the leads of the series, acting as merchandise off of an infomercial or shopping channel. The hosts, guests Drew Droege and Abra Moore, then humorously try to raise up money by selling off the two men who happen to be showing off their goods.

But if the hot guys in skin colored briefs wasn’t enough for you, Matt Wilkas’s Olympian boyfriend Gus Kenworthy stops buy to help out. It also helps that he does so by showing off his impressive strength.

But let me stop describing the video to you and just let you watch the hilarious thing down below.

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Again, the point of the video is to help fundraise the second season of the web series, so go ahead and click here if you’re thinking about donating.