We’re Obsessed With This Guy In Princess Leia’s Bikini Costume

Guy In Princess Leia’s Bikini Costume

Have you ever wonder what a gender bent Star Wars would have looked like? That’s what two creatives decided to deliver to us.

Last year, actors America Young and Dove Meir decided to have a photo shoot where the two dressed up as Han Solo in his classic clothes and Princess Leia in her slave outfit. The trick is that the two dressed up as the characters of the opposite sex.

Once they posted pictures of the photo shoot on Dove Meir’s Instagram account, the pictures went viral. In fact, the pictures went around the internet so much that actor Luke Hamill eventually found and retweeted them.

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But why are we talking about the pictures now? Because the two actors recently talked to the Advocate about the photos.

When asked why they created the photos in the first place, the two responded that it was to subvert gender roles and this highly popularized sexist outfit.

“Dove Meir: America Young and I are big supporters of the gender equality movement, and thought this would be a great gender reversal to show what it would have looked like if the “manliest” role in Star Wars was played by a woman, and for the role of the damsel in distress to be played by a man.

America Young: Some of the best changes and advancements come from the question “What if?” What if the characters in Star Wars were gender-nonconforming? What if all the male roles were played by women, and vice versa? What if Jabba were more interested in men as sex slaves than women? Then Hana Solo would be frozen in carbonite and Prince Leo would be dressed as the object. What if the biggest franchise in the world asked, “What if?”

Also, I just wanted to be the smuggler and Dove is a good sport.”

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It is true that the costume worn by Princess Leia is sexist. In fact, actress Carrie Fisher hated the costume for its objectification of herself and women in general. Fisher told actress Daisy Ridley during a talk with Interview before her passing in 2016, “Don’t be a slave like I was. … You keep fighting against that slave outfit.”

But, this isn’t the first time that anyone’s thought of the idea of switching around the two costumes. You can check out more pictures of Dove Meir in the dreaded slave outfit, and a few other men in the costume, down below.

h/t: Instinct Magazine, Advocate

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