7 Ways Bottoming for Hairy Chested Men Makes Me Splooge Like Crazy!

sexy hairy chest man

Men with hairy chests makes me splooge more!

By: Rico Woods

There’s just something about men with hairy chests. I don’t know if it’s because it activates some primal attraction in me or what but there’s definitely a direct link for me with man fur and my splooge.

Until recently, I never realized how much I was attracted to hairy chested men. Oh sure, I knew I liked guys with hair. I just never knew HOW much. All of that changed when I decided to become more mindful during my hookups.

sexy dilf

What I discovered was that not only did I gravitate towards fur, I also shot like a cannon when petting one! Yep, that’s right. That carpet of chest hair put my man milk into a kind of production overdrive!

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What follows are 7 ways bottoming for hairy chested men makes me splooge like crazy. I encourage you to pay attention to your own release of man milk the next time you’re kicking it with a wolf or bear. See how it goes for you!

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Hairy chested Men
Ever pet a guy with a hairy chest? Woof!

1. Gives me something to pet

When I’m laying on my back with a chiseled wolf inside of me, I’ve found that by petting his chest hair, it gets me super worked up.

And when I synchronize his thrusts with my pets, it culminates into a furious fountain – sometimes for both of us!

2. Love licking it

Oh man, the last guy I rode told me to lick his chest while he turned my sugar walls into playdough.

There’s just something about the texture of a man’s hair on my tongue that flips a switch for me. And the more I lick him, the more he turns into major petrified wood!

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3. Hairy on smooth – woof!

I am a smooth guy with little body hair. So when riding hairy chested men, I’ve discovered that men with man fur like the sensation.

And as a result, it makes him top that much harder; sometimes like an out of control jackhammer!

shave pubes
Look at that treasure trail!

4. Treasure trail madness

The last guy I bottomed for asked me to bounce on him while he laid back on my bed. This isn’t my favorite position because I kind of prefer missionary style.

But what I discovered when guy riding him was that if I played with his treasure trail, he got super turned on. And his being into me like that transformed me into a cranked up pogostick that bounced my way to a ginormous eruption!

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5. Hair Tickles

Hairy chested men can make you laugh during sex. For real, they can! That’s because when they are behind you as you are bent over, the plate of their chest often runs over your back.

After a while, his hair begins to tickle. And I don’t know about you but there’s something about laughing while getting pounded that makes the experience more fun. And more fun means more splooge when the time comes to fountain baby!

6. Pheromones

I don’t have any proof of this and can only speak for myself. But I’d make a decent sized wager that there’s a direct relationship between men with hairy chests and the amount of splooge released!

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Maybe it has something to do with male pheromones. There’s some research to suggest that my hypothesis may be true. To me, hairy chested men are super manly, which means they give off a masculine vibe. In turn, that makes my prostate push out man milk like Elsie the cow!

guys with beards
Lick a hairy chested man with a beard!

7. Kissing while releasing

The next time you are bottoming for a man with a hairy chest, I want you to kiss him just before letting go. Here’s why. Usually, hairy chested men happen to have facial hair.

When you feel his man fur up against your pecs, combined with his beard against on your cheeks, it’s going to make your eruption blow like shook up can of soda!

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I should know. Just last week, I spent 30 minutes cleaning up a wall that got messy after doing this.

So there you have it boys. If you really want to increase the volume of your eruptions, you need to grab the next hairy chested man you can find and shag him for all he’s got!