Harlem Residents Shocked Their Apartments Give Them Front Seats To Gay Park Sex

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Harlem Residents Shocked

Tenants of a New York City apartment realized they picked out the wrong location to live when they realized their building stood over a popular gay hookup ground.

DNAinfo reports that many tenants are sharing their horror at the realization that their expensive apartments, some costing around a million dollars, give them a bird’s eye view of the gay happenings at Harlem’s Marcus Garvey Park.

Testimonies like Marie Gelot’s share similar experiences of getting an eyeful every time the tenants opened their blinds (day or night).

“I saw a lot of blowjobs, guys having sex, guys masturbating, I really saw the whole gamut,” Gelot said. She added that the view was too much for her to handle and she eventually moved out in August.

But for those who like outdoors play and read this article thinking they’ve found a new playground, you might want to rethink that idea.

Since the spot is so well known for its encounters and the buildings around it are so famously good at giving people views of the action, cops are also known to hold up in some of the rooms in order to stake out the situation.

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The 25th Precinct has already made eight arrests for “patronizing prostitution” and seven “public lewdness” arrests this year.

On top of that, all of the gay hookups happening doesn’t stop the park from being a well populated and traveled park. Pet owners use the park, joggers use it, and most importantly kids use it.

“This is ridiculous,” says Joseph Manley, who lives near the park on 123rd street, to DNAinfo. “I tell them to take that shit somewhere else because there are children in the park. The kids see it, the tourists see it, some of them take pictures sometimes.”

Gelot adds, “there were days where I could see a guy giving another guy a blowjob and not far away, a girl reading a newspaper on a sunny day not realizing what was happening 20 feet behind her.”

So again, if you’re thinking of going to replicate this situation, know you’re putting yourself, and others, at risk.

h/t: Queerty

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