“Crazy Rich Asians” Actor Henry Golding To Star In Gay Role

Henry Golding To Star In Gay Role

Henry Golding is a meaty snack that’s now everlasting.

Golding has found himself with the perfect opportunity to become Hollywood golden after his film “Crazy Rich Asians” succeeded wonderfully at the box office.

Now the British stud is getting ready for the release of not one, but two films. Even better, he’s playing a gay role in one of those films.

The first film sees Golding play as the husband to Blake Lively in mystery thriller A Simple Favor.

While yes, that film isn’t much for gay viewers in terms of content driven towards us, the very fact that Henry Golding is playing a leading man in every sense of the word (sex scenes and romantic-trysts-a-plenty) is great.

But it’s his other upcoming project that has this writer excited. On top of that thriller, Golding will also be acting in a gay drama.

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Writer-director Hong Khaou’s upcoming drama Monsoon will star Golding and appear in festivals next year.

The film follows Golding as a gay British-Vietnamese man named Kit who is traveling from London to Vietnam to scatter his parents’ ashes. This will be the first time that Kit has been in Vietnam, and specifically Saigon, since leaving 30 years beforehand because of the Vietnam-American war.

When talking to NewNowNext, Golding shared that the film isn’t about being gay, and only slightly about being Asian. Instead, the film is about a man named Kit and his personal story.

“It’s pretty darn steamy,” he said to NewNowNext (and to our excitement), “And it’s really, let’s get back to the story, let’s not make the headlines if it’s an all-Asian cast, or if it’s a female story. Let’s just have it for what it is.”

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Golding also shared that he grew up surrounded by LGBTQ life because of his background as a former hairstylist. This led him to realize how much gay people are still struggling for acceptance.

“I felt so strongly about it that in my third film [Monsoon] my character is gay. I wanted to portray a character with heart—and the fact that it’s his story that shines through, not the fact that he’s gay. He has this wonderful relationship, but the truth of the matter is the material really lends itself to his journey.”

We love Henry Golding because he’s a hot actor with an amazing heart. We look forward to seeing his future projects.

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