Viral Gay Sex Video Shows A Hong Kong Couple Doing It With Pedestrians Watching

Hong Kong Couple Doing It With Pedestrians Watching

A video of a gay couple having a very public sex session is going viral.

Residents of Hong Kong’s Sheung Wan neighborhood were surprised when they got a good look at a couple having sex in an open window. The sex scene was so visible that a crowd quickly gathered around to watch.

In the video, found below, at least a dozen people stood around to see a naked man thrusting into another person. The thing is that only the legs of the other person were visible from outside the window.

According to Shanghailist, there were many interesting conversations happening during the scene. As many onlookers wondered what the second person looked like, one man can be heard admonishing young people for looking at the very adult scene. Meanwhile, another person openly wondered if the two were doing some sort of yoga.

As the two met their completion, some in the crowd started chanting “stand up!” but were soon hushed by the others. After the naked man grabbed a towel to clean up, the crowd applauded at the sight of the partner. Why? Because it turned out to be a man.

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The video went viral on Facebook for a short time earlier this week before it was eventually taken down. As the Oriental Daily reports, some commenters said the video was more exciting than the World Cup.

While a reporter later returned to the apartment a day later, it seemed to have been abandoned. On top of that, police are investigating the situation and a lawyer says the two men could face charges of public indecency, which would result in a HK$1,000 fine ($127) and six months in jail.