Straight Guy Goes Gay and Gets Busted

office tower

It happened when the doorman started working out at the building’s gym.

By: Anthony on the east coast

Last year, our office tower got a new doorman named Kyle*. He’s in his early 30’s, super good looking and has that whole Tyler Hoechlin thing going on. I’m talking green eyes, a well-kept beard and million-dollar smile.

And so after he got hired, I would see him every morning as I came into work. We always made small-talk about nothing really. What else is there to do at 7:30 am?

How’s your morning? What’s the weather like? How’s traffic?

As time went on, we exchanged bits of information about one another. He learned that I have a dog and I discovered that he has a wife.

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I won’t try to B.S. you. I’ve looked forward to our brief exchanges each day.

And yes – I’ve developed an intense crush on him pretty much right away. If you were to see him, you probably would too.

Kyle’s that hot.

I don’t know what it is about men who we perceive as straight that that makes them so attractive.

Is it the fruit from the forbidden tree? Is it the challenge of seeing if it’s possible? Are we trying to prove something to ourselves?

Who knows.

And just for the record – I’m not ugly. At 37, I’m athletically built, masculine and have been described as good looking.

But I’ll be the first to say that I’m no Kyle.

In any event, the tower I work at also has a set of dedicated floors for residential living. The amenities for residents include a small grocery store, a sundeck and a decent sized gym with steam room and sauna.

For a modest monthly fee, anyone working in the building has access to the gym; provided they sign a one-year contract.

I’ve been a member for the past three-years because it’s just super convenient.

I’ve always liked knocking out my cardio and strength training right after I finish work. And because the gym is just an elevator button away, I’ve rarely skip.

gym room tower

So one evening about six months ago, I walked into the cardio area and noticed Kyle running on a treadmill. At first, I was a bit taken back because he’s just not somebody I expected to see there.

“Hey man! What’s up?” he asked when I jumped onto the treadmill next to him.

He explained why he was there:

“It’s better for me to exercise after I clock out. Now that the wife works second shift, I’ve got more free time at night. My mornings are so nuts that it’s hard to get my workouts in.”

It didn’t take long before the two of us began bumping into one another on the gym room floor.

Sometimes we would spot each other. Other times would just make more small talk. But I was careful not to overshare because I wasn’t sure how Kyle would take my being a homo.

One day while on an adjacent stair-master, he asked about my personal life. “You never talk about who you are dating. I gotta ask – are you gay? It’s cool if you are.”

His question didn’t offend me. The truth is I’ve never been good at being able to detect if others can “tell”. But then again, I’ve never tried to hide anything.

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After taking a deep breath, I told him my story. His response was very supportive. In fact, I really had nothing to worry about.

Kyle explained that his older brother happened to be gay and that he had a cousin in Florida who is lesbian.

I remember feeling relieved once it came out because I could be more authentic. Make sense?

Between the morning run-ins at the front door and the workouts at night, we kind of got to know one another. Not like best friends or even close friends – more like “buddies” – if that is even the right word.

That’s why what happened next is so embarrassing. In fact, I’m feeling shameful now as I write this out.

Once or twice a week, Kyle and I would head into the sauna after hitting the weights. It’s small – about what you’d expect at most places I guess.

I just want to say that this isn’t a “gay gym” and the energy at this tower’s fitness club doesn’t have a sexual vibe.

Oh yeah, there are gay people working out there but it’s just not that kind of place … if you get my drift. Trust me, I’ve been to enough clubs where hooking up is the norm.

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Just to give you an idea of how NOT sexual this place is, men usually go in with shorts on. Wearing them isn’t required but it’s rare when someone doesn’t have a pair on.

Don’t ask me why – it’s just the custom there. I’m telling you like it is.

muscular man sauna shirtless

So about two months back, Kyle finished up his workout and said, “See you in a bit bud,” as he exited the gym floor.

Nothing about his comment was unusual. “OK,” I responded, “Just two more reps to go.”

Minutes later, I made my way to the sauna.

There was Kyle, laying on his back with his arms at his side, looking completely relaxed. With one eye cocked, he nodded my presence.

As I leaned up against the warm wooden wall, I had to stop myself from staring at him. There was just something incredibly hot about him laying back on the bench like that; wearing nothing but a pair of dark blue gym shorts.

I don’t know how it happened but I started to feel something from him. His demeanor just seemed different than the other times we had been in that sauna before.

I can’t explain it. You just know when someone is interested.

Maybe it was the way his hands rested on his pelvis. Perhaps it was because I could see the outline of his semi-hard d*ck through his shorts.

Still, I wasn’t completely sure, because part of me refused to believe that he could be gay – or even bi.

getting head man

At some point, Kyle adjusted himself, letting out the tip of his wood. “What’s up?” he asked as he looked directly at me.

After seeing that, any doubts I had disappeared. He couldn’t have been more obvious.

I cracked open the sauna door to take a quick look around to make sure the coast was clear.

Minutes later, I was going down on him, working hard to get him off. As I did my thing, he kept one eye on the door.

It didn’t take him long to release.


Since that first time, we there would be three more encounters.

And speaking of three – it was the third one that could have caused us both real trouble.

We were in the same bat place – same bat channel – the sauna.

I don’t if we just too got comfortable or what. I never even saw the guy open the door but Kyle did because when it happened, he jumped up like crazy, nearly knocking his leg into my teeth.

As soon as we realized we were busted, the both of us made a dash for the locker room to grab our sh*t and bolt.

Kyle left first, exiting the gym through a stairwell.

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I wouldn’t be so lucky. I decided to take the elevators, which was probably stupid. Just as I was ready to press the “down”
button, I saw an older man talking with tower security.

“Hang on there – I need to talk to you,” the guard said. “Can you come over here for a moment?”

He asked me if I had been engaging in “sexual acts” in the sauna. I refused to answer. “Who was in there with you?” he asked.

hookup at tower

I lied and told the guard that he was mistaken. The old f*uck who had caught us chimed in and said: “Well, you sure look like one of the guys I saw in there!” Then, with an accusatory tone, he added, “Where is your friend?”

Not backing down, I continued with my denials and suggested that the “two guys” he was talking about were probably still in the locker room.

“Unless you have proof, I’m leaving” I finally told the both of them.

The guard didn’t stop me when I called the elevator and stepped in.


The next morning, I saw Kyle at the front door. He pulled me aside and whispered: Dude are we cool? I quietly filled him in on how things went down from the night before.

“Thanks man – you covered my sh*t.”

He seemed genuinely grateful and relieved at the same time. He also told me that he wouldn’t be going to the tower’s gym anymore because it was too risky.

I completely agreed.

And so that’s exactly what happened. Kyle and I still see one another each morning. There’s no weirdness or anything. But I think we both realize we were incredibly lucky.

Had he not run down those stairs and gotten away or if there were more witnesses, we both could have been arrested and he most certainly would have been fired.

Look, I get it – Kyle is probably bi. I’m the one that assumed he was straight. He’s probably hooked up with other guys before.

Do I regret any of it? Honestly, I don’t. My crush on him isn’t as intense as it used to be. Maybe that happens after you hookup with someone?

I’ll say this much – if we ever mess around again it’s not going to be at the tower.


*Name changed at author’s request
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