The Hot Indian Instagram Page You All Should Be Following

These Men Are #MCM Material

Let’s be honest. When media outlets are portraying hot gay men, what do they usually look like. A yummy man, with dreamy blue eyes, a chiseled chest and yes, you guessed it, white.

So, anytime the narrative is switched up, it’s refreshing for the eyes to see.

Men of India magazine, is taking that initiative, with their publication that honors “the essence of the Indian male.” Each issue features a sexy stud of the month, that includes a Q&A session for you to get to know the model even more.

However, the real fun is scrolling on the magazine’s Instagram page, where you will find an array of sexy Indian models promoting fitness, fashion and art. When I tell you guys, I couldn’t keep the drool from coming out of my mouth, that is not an understatement.

So, scroll through our selection of eye-candy that caught our attention and be sure to follow the magazine’s page to stay up to date on what sexy model is featured next.

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Shyam is Men of India’s featured model of the month. I think my September just got a bit more steamy.  This man doesn’t need a cheat meal, when he’s looking like such a gorgeous snack.


Men of India also features a Man of the Moment on their page. The only moment that I’m wishing for is to one day be laying poolside with a hunk, like this. That’s a surfboard that I love to ride.


Arish is a fitness model that I can’t get enough of. With that beard and that bod, I spot him for lifting day anytime.


They call Deepak the bearded dragon. Makes since, because this man is slaying. Let’s have a late birthday party, my treat.


How can they tell me to relax, when Kamal is looking this good? Put that hand away Kamal, stop being so shy.