I Dreamed A Hot Jock Forced Me To Hold His Baseball Bat!

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Rob (28)

A few weeks ago, I had an odd baseball related dream. But the weird thing is, I’ve never played the game in my life. I don’t remember everything – just bits and pieces.

Here it goes:

I was in the middle of this field with nobody else around. Out of the blue, this hot jock wearing black shorts and no shirt walks up to me.

“Time for your lesson. Remember to keep your feet apart and shoulders square.”

I’ve never seen this dude before. But deep inside, he seemed familiar. So I did what he asked and struck a pose like I was ready for a pitch.

“Not like that man. Stand still and I’ll teach you,” he said.

Suddenly, he was behind me, reaching around with both arms and showing me how to position my body. I could feel his privates pressing right up against my bum.

“That’s better. But the bat is too small for your body. Grab onto this.”

Before I knew it, the guy spun me around and started making out with me. Then, he pulled his shorts down and placed d*** in my hand.


Mind you, all of this was outdoors in the middle of a freaking field.

“You know what to do boy!”

That’s when he turned me around again and aggressively pressed his you know what against my backside.

I wish I could tell you more but I can’t. The reason? My stupid dog licked my face and woke me up. 

WTF was this dream about? Who was the guy? Oh, and can I make the dream come back?

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Dr. John Responds:

Hi, Rob,

I have to say this was an interesting dream. There’s so much going on here that I’m not sure where to start. Perhaps the best way is to simply dive right in.

One of the first things I became aware of when you shared your dream was the field. Symbolically, fields (meaning open areas) often represent unrealized opportunities.

I’m wondering if there is something going on right now that you’ve been contemplating? For example, have you met someone new? If so, are you holding back for some reason?

The second thing we need to look at is the baseball bat. In dreams, baseball bats are considered phallic symbols. We can feel fairly confident this was the case in your dream because of what happened.

“I could feel his privates pressing right up against my bum”

Not to get graphic, but it sounds like he placed his manhood in your hand for a reason; something you described as monstrous. Then, this same person pressed it up against your backside and suggested you knew what to do.

I can’t be 100% sure but is sounds to me like you have bottoming fears. In other words, there may be a part of you who wants to bottom for someone larger but fear doing it.

Does this sound correct? If so, your mind may be trying to ease anxiety by presenting an attractive entity (aka the guy).

For many people (gay or straight) fears about anal intimacy are a very real thing. In fact, first time anal causes a great deal of anxiety (see link) for many.

Because your dream ended so abruptly, it’s difficult to extract a deeper meaning. But my sense is you are concerned about size and your mind is trying to get you to chill.

Your last question asked if it is possible to make a dream reoccur. The honest answer to that question is: maybe. Some people who engage in lucid dreaming claim they can make dreams come back. I’m skeptical of this but certainly not ruling out.

What I will say is that because dreams come to us thematically, it’s possible a variation of your baseball dream will present itself again in the future (at least in some form).

Now remember, you can’t take subconscious content literally. Think in terms of themes and symbolism.

In this way, you’ll be able to better decipher what’s happening.

I hope you found this response helpful!

Dr. John is a licensed psychotherapist and contributor to GPB. He specializes in men’s issues. Visit his profile to learn more.

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