I’m Gagging on Chris Evans’ Butt!

In case you didn’t know, Chris Evans has a new movie coming out in less than a month. Yep, it’s another installment of the Avengers, called Infinity War. The flick hits theaters on April 27. Trust me when I say that I’ll be the first in line to buy tickets.

To help promote the movie, Evans recently tweeted out a new poster to share with fans. You can see from the picture that he’s wearing an outfit that deviates from the standard Captain America wardrobe.

But you know what else? The dude totally shows off his butt. And it’s everything you could ever want in a behind and more!

Apparently, this will be one of the last films Chris will play the part of Steve Rogers. Notice I didn’t say the very last one. According to a story in the Hollywood Reporter, that isn’t scheduled to happen until 2019.

Still, the poster itself got me all worked up. In the past, we’ve looked at various aspects of this hunky, hairy chested man. And when I say “aspects”, I’m talking about the stuff of lick and woof baby. See this crazy yummed out post to see what I mean.

But let’s talk about Chris’s butt for a second, okay? I mean, that’s what this update is about. IT’S JUST CRAZY HOT!

By now, every single person visiting GPB knows that I’m completely obsessed with the man – so much so that I’ve penned ridiculous pieces that fantasize about his yumminess in different ways.

Um, let’s see – there was the one about imaging bottoming for Chrissy. Then, there was completely tawdry thing I drummed up about Captain America and Thor having a HOT hookup.

But now with the poster he’s put out – plus a bunch of other photos I found of his behind online, I can’t help but wonder what it would be like to touch it.

Hey, I’m not looking to do anything else. Just grabbing a handful of deliciousness would be plenty enough to send me to cloud nine.

By the way, how did this stud get such a scrumptious duff? Does he work his glutes every day? Maybe he does prisoner squats in between lifts? WTF knows!

I wonder if it’s hairy? And it isn’t, would you really care? I’m going to put a poll up that asks you about his behind. It’s silly and vapid but you don’t have anything else to do so just vote real quick, OK? In case you don’t see the poll, here’s a direct link.