Three Dudes Caught Without Pants On ITV2’s Ibiza Weekender

3 Naked Dues On ITV2’s Ibiza Weekender

At this point, I might just move to the United Kingdom just for all the naked men on their tv shows.

Whether it be Naked Attraction, Big Brother, Bromans, or Ibeiza Weekender, it seems like there’s always some guy dropping his trousers and swinging his dick around. Don’t you love it?

And who is the latest hottie to go around with his pants on the ground while being recorded for all the world to see? Trick question. It’s actually three hotties.

Devante, Rob, and Jordan are all cast members of the ITV2 show Ibiza Weekender, and all three men were seen without any pants in a recent episode. As you might imagine, many people were pretty pleased at what they saw (especially when it comes to Devante!).

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Its funny that so many people think of American entertainment media as being so sinful and lusty, yet we almost never see naked people on television. If you do, it’s on cable or streaming shows like Game of Thrones. Even then, you almost NEVER see a ding dong or even a ho-ho (for the straight guys).

Yet, here comes British television with all kinds of reality tv shows that host plenty of dudes willing to drop their pants.

Plus, those shows have now given us plenty of reality stars and Instagram stars who then post pictures of their naked bodies all on their own. It’s a funny world.

Anyway, if you want to check out those naked moments on Ibiza Weekender, click this Not Safe For Work (NSFW) link here. You won’t be sorry.